Byron Nelson Week, Kind Of

New course with no trees.  Look for rounds of 89, 95, 97, and 96.  Those aren’t scores; those are expected temperatures.  In the shade.  But then there won’t be any shade, will there?  I wonder if they will reprise the Pavilion.  If so, they better make it even bigger.  It’ll be interesting to see how things play out over the next five or ten years.

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The Sawgrass Major

“Mysteries” Abound at Sawgrass

Tiger Woods was outside the cut line and packing his bags.  The golf hucksters were not happy, opening complaining on television.  The cut was -2, and Woods had finished -1.  Then this happened:

  • Jordan Spieth bogies final hole
  • Justin Thomas bogies final hole
  • Wesley Bryant bogies final two holes

And — voila! — Woods had made the cut.

Then there was Webb Simpson.  On his way to shooting a 61 — making this joke of a golf course look like the joke of a golf course it is — he doubles his next-to-last hole?  Another “mystery.”

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Quail Hollow: Jason Wins The Day

Win Wasn’t Hollow for Jason at Quail

Jason’s son got his hair cut since last I saw him.

Graeme McDowell will finally get a few OWGR points.  Finished something like T51, T51, T21 in last three events, but he got no OWGR points for that.  Zero.  (The New Orleans event — the T21 — isn’t recognized by OWGR.)

Disappointing weekend for Sam Burns.  I felt certain this was the week he’d get unlimited sponsor exemptions.  He might have to play Nike Tour full time to ensure PGA status next year.

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New Orleans Team Best Ball(?): Thur-Sun

Sam Burns PGA Tour Status Update  Most exciting player to turn pro since Spieth.

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Texas Open: Thursday-Sunday

Texas Open: Saturday

I’d forgotten the San Antonio event was the Texas Open.  I see I wrote about that as far back as 2014, but I must have forgotten.  I thought it was probably the San Antonio Open.  It’s the second or third oldest PGA event, and the sixth oldest in the entire world, or so various websites tell me.

I don’t know if Jordan Spieth skipped it this year or if he has never played it.  I had been thinking he played all the Texas events.  This year, I’m following Graeme McDowell and Ben Silverman, and that’s pretty much it.  Haven’t watched any of it, but I did catch the women last night in prime time.  They should play all their events on the West Coast.  Makes for good television.

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Heritage Classic: Thursday-Sunday

Thread For User Comments

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Televised Golf in Heaven

I didn’t watch enough CBS to make specific remarks about their coverage, so I won’t.  The players I was interested in were covered on Masters.Org via 4-player (two groups) marquee groups, so I watched that exclusively.  Thirty-six holes, both Saturday and Sunday, and not much less on Thursday and Friday. Continue reading

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