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    • lannyh says:

      Thanks, man! I had not seen it. Quite lengthy, and I look forward to reading it right now. I’ll try to create a short blog post this weekend with a link to it. Thanks again. Much appreciated.

  1. Neil says:

    You’re welcome. I thought it was great at many different levels.


    • lannyh says:

      Agreed. Ziegler not only covered the rule in detail, but also he pointed out the weirdness with Faldo and CBS. I thought Ziegler’s challenge to Feherty was fantastic. I just posted my entry about the article. Thanks again. I can’t thank you enough. I had not read the examples (the golf media must not have thought them pertient, haha) and I was falling into the mindset it was a “judgement call” that could have gone either way. Was that mindset ever wrong!

      Lanny H Golf will not let this fade away.

  2. Neil says:

    Lanny, I’ve a question. 2 in fact. Can you answer? I Think I know the answers but I’d like confirmation.
    1 If Woods infraction had been discovered as he left the 15th green what would have happened?
    2 If Woods infraction hadn’t been reported until say, the Tuesday after the Masters had finished what would have the ruling been? ( For arguments sake lets say he won the Masters )

    Email me if you like. Cheers…Neil

    • lannyh says:

      The second one first. As I understand it, once a winner is declared, that’s it.

      The first one, again as I understand it: the rules officials are under no obligation to talk to players. However, if they’d seen it, and told him, and he said, “Yes, you are right. I made a mental mistake, darn it,” he’d have added two shots and signed an accurate card.

  3. Neil says:

    Interesting. I see it differently. I could be wrong in both cases. I think a player can be stripped of a win , post the event. I’m trying to get confirmation.

    Regarding the first one, yes and no. Here is my take on the rule. If an official had witnessed Woods infraction he is , as you say, not obliged to stop him from breaking the rule. But he will tell him after it happened that he had erred. In this case I believe Woods would have been given a 2 stroke penalty AND told to replay the shot from the proper place. I’m pretty sure that is the rule, but I could be wrong. In reality Woods never completed the 15th hole according to the rules of golf.

    This is why I believe a DQ can happen after the event. Evidence would have shown that Woods didn’t record a real score on 15. His 8 would have more realistically been a 9 or worse if he had followed the rules and had to replay the shot.

    I’m not 100% sure on either of these thoughts. But I think I’m correct.

    Cheers Neil

  4. Neil says:

    Hi Lanny, I blasted off a quick email to Faldo. I suggested he could save face and become one of the greatest sportsmen ever if he makes a very public display of handing his 3 green jackets back to ANGC!!

    • lannyh says:

      Wow. After reading the full rule including examples, I am far more curious about Faldo’s reversal. Prior to that, I had assumed there was wiggle-room in the interpretation and that Faldo decided he could semi-buy a wiggle room story and therefore profess to have changed his mind. However, Faldo must have read the examples, and if so, he made the decision to publicly condone the decision. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, and I would hate to see Faldo gone from CBS — he’s the only decent one we have in the U.S. We have to do our parts to be sure everyone in the world has read those examples, which could not be any clearer in showing Woods should have been DQ’d.

  5. Neil says:

    Lanny, I’m waiting for you views on VJ!

  6. Hey, you might be able to make a living as a Tiger hater, and your name is Lanny, how appropriate. May you LannyW and Sergio can have fried chicken and greens with TW.

    • lannyh says:

      Ross, what you need to know is that before the world learned the truth about Tiger Woods, I was one of his biggest fans. I made yearly sojourns to see him play. I saw him at the peak of Tiger Mania I, fresh off his Masters win, and I saw him at the peak of Tigermania II, when he held all four major titles. I had pictures of him on my bulletin board at work. To insinuate that I am a racist is asinine, and makes you look foolish. (Well, you probably didn’t know my backstory, so that statement isn’t really applicable to you.)

      Remember this, though, when you call people racist for not liking Tiger Woods: he fell from 93 percent popularity to 17 percent popularity — and his racial makeup did not change.

      You know who else I used to like? Lance Armstrong. Now I don’t. Do you think it is possible to stop liking someone for reasons besides race?

  7. Neil says:

    Hi Lanny…How are you.

    Did you see this article? Maybe I found it on here? Forgive me if I did.


    • lannyh says:

      Thanks. The article mentions the things we never hear on television, or read on the major golf websites. I wish there were more focus on Woods and PEDs, because it’s almost certain he’s used them during his career. I believe that in retrospect, this period in golf will be looked upon like the Lance Armstrong years in cycling. I don’t think Woods cheated to the extent of Armstrong, but at least Armstrong had a personality and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. Woods has been rude, dour, and a probable PED user. Oh, and he moves his ball in the rough. Oh, then there’s the sex scandal.

  8. neil says:

    I’ve no doubt Woods was a pill popper. His life has been a big lie. He lacks integrity. It would be sweet if definitive proof was unearthed. Imagine…..Woods stripped of all titles and sued by various Tours 🙂

    • lannyh says:

      I think it would be tough politically for the sport to strip him of any titles. Of course, Woods’ first US Amateur came when his father was a “junior golf scout” for IMG, the management company Woods would join when he turned pro. Can you imagine if Texas A&M had hired Johnny Manziel’s father as a “high school player scout” when Maziel was in high school?

      Maybe something will come out about Woods and PEDs during the discovery process of Vijay’s lawsuit. I know Doug Baron’s lawyer didn’t want Baron to settle because he knew Finchem was afraid to make public the Tour’s dealings with PED violations. Current policy allows Finchem to cover up those violations.

  9. Neil says:

    Hi Lanny…Interesting read(s) as usual.

    Interesting stuff yesterday. No word of any back problem until Tiger is +5 with the wind starting to get brisk and the Bear Trap in sight. An 80 looked possible. Best pull a sickie and avoid that milestone! Cheers Neil

    • lannyh says:

      Thanks. Hey, we’ve heard all year that Woods is “bulked up” becaue he’s been “hitting the gym.” Am I wrong in thinking he looks more like he’s been hitting the breakfast, lunch, and supper buffett? I think he just looks overweight. Am I offbase with that?

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s impossible to know with Woods. I don’t think he knows the difference between truth and lies any more. I’m seriously thinking he can’t cope with injury because he can’t afford to be caught juicing up.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lanny, I’m a frequent poster on CBSsports under MarlinNole84. I found your site via a google search. Looking forward to more information on the tour.

  12. Lanny: I recently published my first novel, ‘Church of Golf,’ and would like to send you a review copy. Can you send me appropriate name and address?
    Spencer Stephens.

    • lannyh says:

      Good luck with the book, Spencer. I really appreciate the offer, but there is no telling when I’d get around to reading it. I see it is on Amazon; I’ll try to grab a copy next spring/summer when I tend to do more golf reading.

      However… if you want to write a piece about the book, I’ll be more than happy to make it a headline article. Or we could conduct a Q&A right here; I could easily come up with some questions from which you could pick and choose. I obviously don’t post much this time of year, so it would help me fill some of the open space. If you have a link to a good review, I’ll be glad to post that, too. If nothing else, I don’t at all mind posting a “Lanny H Reader Publishes Golf Book” (haha, I’m all about self-aggrandizement) article with an Amazon link.

      Anyway, thanks for thinking of me, and let me know if you want to do one of the above. A link here might just push you into J.K. Rowling territory.

  13. Marty McFly says:

    I think the tooth thing could be something like this. When Vonn and Woods started dating Lindsey took Tiggly to one side and said this. ” If I ever catch you cheating I will push your teeth so far down your throat you will have to stick your toothbrush up your A$$ to clean them.”

    It looks like she may have started fulfilling her promise.

  14. Norris says:

    What is with is with the tooth story? If someone can make a great movie (Imitation Game) about Alan Turing, imagine what the Tiger Woods movie will be like.

  15. Michael Whelan says:

    I was the original VP and creator of the golf channel. I stumbled upon your site, I love it. It’s refreshing to find a “writer” who speaks the truth. Keep up the great work.

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