Nicklaus Saves Thanksgiving!

I don’t remember ever missing the Lions and Cowboys games on Thanksgiving.  But that’s just what’s going to happen tomorrow, as the NFL is now far in my rearview mirror.  There’s Mississippi-Mississippi State in the evening, but that’s well after turkey time.

Well, well, well, I see Golf Channel is running the three installments of their Jack Nicklaus biography tomorrow at noon.  That’s what will be on at the Lanny H homestead.  If the guests don’t like it, they can try to figure out where I hid the remote.

ALERT!  The American media is deceiving in an attempt to save the NFL. had this headline on Tuesday: “‘Monday Night Football’ Ratings Up As Falcons Beat Seahawks In Close Game,” saying “last’s night’s MNF was up 16%.”

Problem is… well… this from Sports Media Watch on Wednesday: “A good game between two recent Super Bowl teams could not save ESPN’s Monday Night Football ratings.”  The numbers?  “Falcons-Seahawks scored a 6.4 rating and 10.8 million viewers on ESPN Monday night, down 7% in ratings and 12% in viewership from Texans-Broncos last year (6.9, 12.2M).”

So how did Deadline come up with their numbers?  They used week-over-week instead of year-over-year.  Comparing to last week’s season-low (tying) game.  In other words: awful topped horrible.  Sure, that warrants a big “Ratings Up” headline, right?

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