Tiger Woods has unequivocally corroborated Lanny H’s statements to Brandel Chamblee about Chamblee’s nonsense commentary regarding Woods “returning to his old swing.”

Remember when Brandel Chamblee blocked ol’ Lanny’s Twitter account for pointing out Woods was physically unable to “return to his Butch swing.”  It was information everyone should have known, as Woods commented on it numerous times.  Nevertheless, Chamblee insisted the only thing holding Woods back was his bull-headedness in refusing to “return to his old swing.”

Chamblee lost all contact with reality.  I even drew a cartoon about it.

Anyone remember when Chamblee responded to me on Twitter, back in June 2015? No, you don’t?  Does this remind you?


“The Harmon swing did not put undue stress on his knee, that’s a myth, up there with the Easter Bunny.”  Hmmmm.

Let’s look at the recent New York Post article, to see what Woods says:

“People ask me, ‘Why don’t you go back to your 2000 swing?’ I can’t, because my knee is trashed from all those years of playing that way,” Woods said on a podcast with Geno Auriemma.

Brandel Chamblee: Just another pawn in the NBC Fake News Empire.


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