The Times They Are A-Changed

Tiger Woods returns to action in two weeks.  A few thoughts:


Just saw a recent Golf Channel article on Woods with this line: “While compiling the greatest career record of his generation, Tiger Woods has…”  What do you know, the hyperbole is winding down?


Just looked at OWGR rankings.  Woods has one counting event with points.  You guessed it, last year’s Hero Challenge.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t even have a world ranking.  If he makes it through all four rounds this year, he’ll get some more points, as even the last place finisher gets points.  Woods, who comes nowhere meeting the requirements for these end-of-year point grabs, is given an exemption for being the host.  At this point, it hardly matters, but the exemption serves as a reminder of how the PGA Tour has always had a different set of rules for Tiger Woods.


Is this Woods’s first event since parking his car on the side of the highway?  Probably good for him the event is, I believe, in Bermuda.  I would think the time for heckling Woods has passed, but the American public is consistently late to the party and unceasingly crude.  The same people who screamed “In the hole!” after every shot Woods hit in the 00’s will now be screaming “Don’t fall asleep!”


I forgot to mention that last Sunday while watching Fowler fall short in a late charge, Rickie’s grandfather was in attendance.  I’ve written several times about his role in Rickie taking up the game.  Here’s a good USA Today piece from early this year, with this nice bit in it:

Tanaka was walking with Fowler again last year during the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale. With him most every step of the way were friends and other members of Fowler’s family, including his father, Rod, who used to haul sand and gravel from his business to the Murrieta Valley Golf Range east of Los Angeles and swap it out for range balls for his son to hit.

Don’t think I’d heard that before.


I noticed something of interest on NPR yesterday.  There is now, as I’ve written about, an effort by all media to rehabilitate the image of the NFL.  It’s been deemed: Anti-NFL is a conservative position; Pro-NFL, pro-protest is a liberal position.  NPR, being decidedly left-wing, one morning this week informed me that it was the 28th birthday of some player for the Indianapolis Colts I’d never heard of in my entire life.  NPR, which generally has as much use for sports as a fish for a sandbox, chose him to be their birthday announcement person of the day.  Very odd, but predictable, I suppose.

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