Bittersweet Sunday


In an incredible display of prescience, Lanny H this morning described why Justin Thomas would hoist the trophy:

“I don’t see [Justin Thomas] doing a fade.”

Justin Thomas is a “seasoned campaigner.”

Justin Thomas will not  struggle due to “the stage [being] too big.”

Smile or frown?

Smile: It is Sunday at a major.  Frown: It is the final day of the golf season.  Frown: Kid America is not in contention.  Smile: Less than two weeks until the college football season with Colorado State vs Oregon State.

Many golf fans are frowning at the leaderboard, but it’s not so bad.  Here’s a rundown:

Kisner:  A popular, talented golfer, and his familiarity with this week’s course grants him an advantage other players lack.  (Similar to Tiger Woods’s “dominating” year when he had the Rock Ishii distance ball no other player had.)

Stroud:  Would make a good story.  A borderline pro for over a decade before winning his maiden just last week at an opposite-field event.

Hideki:  I’m thinking this is his day.  I can reprise my photo from last week when when Hideki, like Stroud, won a tournament.  The Firestone non-opposite-field event.

Justin Thomas/Louis Oosthuizen:  I’m listing these together because I don’t see either one of them doing a fade.  Both are seasoned campaigners, and Louie even has a major to his name.  One or both may have a blowup round, but I don’t think it will be because the stage is too big.

Grayson Murray: Younger than Matsuyama, Grayson is no pretender.  He could spring a surprise today.

The Twos:  Five players at two-under.  Very much in the hunt.  Know that yesterday only one player in the top ten (Justin Thomas) shot under par.  Let’s look at The Twos:

  1. DeLaet: What a finish on Saturday
  2. Reed: Sneakily in contention; the media has been ignoring him; does he grab a major today?
  3. 4. 5. Woodland, Scott Brown, Francesco Molinari:  Any one of these guys could win

The Rest:  If the course plays like yesterday, the -1 and E players are very much alive.  The farther off the pace a player is, the lower he will have to go, but if, like yesterday, the top ten treads water or struggles, the potential is there to make up a lot of ground.

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy has won a tournament in each of the last eight years.  He has yet to win this year and has only one top-three.  Don’t look behind you, Rory, but Jordan Spieth is already up to five years in a row.  I warned Rory at the time, but he wouldn’t listen.  Getting associated with Nike and Tiger Woods was a huge mistake for his career.  A life mistake?  A tougher call.  Nike make him incredibly wealthy overnight, but he could have done just about as well with a bundle of sponsors.  And would not have had to go through the Nike body and image makeover.  That makeover may have changed a Jack Nicklaus career into a Nick Faldo career.  (That is not at all a slam at Faldo, but rather a high compliment to Rory’s potential at one time.)

Awful OWGR Website

The OWGR does less with more than any website on the Internet.  They have nonstop distracting motion, but yet they don’t even use the motion to sell ads.  Pointless annoyance.  The Hell of Average People.  (Calling their web designers “average” is too generous.)  They are like a whore who doesn’t accept payment.  Also, inexplicably, every time you bring up the ranking page, you are treated to a photo of Tiger “Asleep at the Wheel” Woods, who is not even ranked in the top thousand and doesn’t have a top-ten in four years.  I guess they are trying to appeal to the heroin addict market.

Make Me Pay

If Jordan wins three more events this calendar year, I’ll need to increase my contribution to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Not likely, but it could happen.  Someone remind me to check in December.

Tiger Woods Hero Challenge

Isn’t it time to end this thing?  It’s become an embarrassment.  Bizarre that OWGR considers it an official event.

What’s Up With Kelly Tilghman?

Is Kelly Tilghman in the news for something?  The past few days, I’ve been inundated with readers of my “Kelly Tilghman Has a Kid?” article, with the referrals coming from Google and Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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15 Responses to Bittersweet Sunday

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    I’m looking forward to Portland State vs BYU!!!

    • lannyh says:

      Ohio State-Indiana the following Thursday might be the first one that really catches my eye. Then Washington-Rutgers and Utah State-Wisconsin the next night. Then, on Saturday, things get crazy fast with Florida State-Alabama and the like.

      • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

        Obviously I was being sarcastic. I’ll be tuned in to the playoffs (i.e. golf).

      • lannyh says:

        Not so obvious. There’s somebody here who posts from the Northwest (they spoke of Chambers Bay a lot, having seen it or maybe even played it), so Portland State seemed logical. And BYU is sort of a national team.

  2. lannyh says:

    Stray Notes:

    I forgot to mention Nantz did a quite good job yesterday. I generally prefer Gannon, but Nantz was solid yesterday.

    Stroud is dressed for success today!

    It’s early, but Kisner looks solid. Others somewhat shaky (cough, cough, Hideki).

    Justin Thomas looks like he brought his game and is ready to go the distance. Reed, too.

  3. lannyh says:

    Hard to believe how prescient I was with my morning analysis. Long way to go yet, I know, but a lot of my expectations are playing out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes, what an amazing feat. A rundown of the top ten players on the leaderboard and one of them actually won.

  5. DanishDude says:

    Good news. On several occasions I have vented my frustration and disgust with the new design of the site. Apparently they’ve listened:

    Very admirable that they’ve acknowledged it was a total mess.

    • lannyh says:

      That’s encouraging to hear. Very rare. Amusing timing, too, because I just pulled up some NOAA hurricane maps this morning and they have completely butchered them. What once was clear and helpful is now a total mess, with large circles obscuring the actual map. Might as well just say, “It’s headed for Texas somewhere probably.”

      • Kris says:

        I have to step in and defend the NOAA website. It has only made minor changes over the years, all of which have been in an effort to improve communication with the general public. The reason Harvey’s map looked like large circles obscuring the actual map was because Harvey is forecast to be near stationary from early Saturday morning to early Wednesday morning. That means the “cone of uncertainty” was stacked on top of itself, so it looked like a confusing mess, especially if you had the “initial wind field” option selected. If you look at the forecast path for Potential Tropical Cyclone #10, the track and cone of uncertainty is far less confusing. I hope that’s what you meant, because otherwise I’m not seeing what you’re seeing.

      • lannyh says:

        I hope you’re right. The one I saw was pretty close to useless.

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