Packing Day at Quail Hollow

[The Hell of Average People:  Being unapologetically above-average in intellect, I find as I age I have less and less patience for Average People.  They don’t concern themselves with doing things right.  They don’t care about accuracy.  Clarity, nope.  Just doing a thing sufficiently to say, “I did it,” is their only goal.

Yesterday, the PGA stream was great.  Today, they’ve decided we need to “register.”  I got around that, but now I find there is no way to get off this Kuchar group to watch Rory.  Rory’s been on the course 40 minutes and I still can’t get the PGA stream to work properly.  Again, yesterday everything was perfect, so some Average Person broke it overnight, probably by adding the “register” annoyance.

Rant Update: I finally got it to work by trying a number of alternate browsers and reciting magic incantations (cursing, some would call it).]

Jordan vs Rory on Sunday one step closer to reality

Today Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy will pack their belongings in anticipation of Moving Day tomorrow, while Phil Mickelson will pack his bags and go home.  Mickelson looks to complete the Phil Slam today: missing the cut in every major in just two years.

Funny story, true.  I watched the PGA online stream Feature Group coverage all day yesterday, the morning group with Jordan, and the afternoon group with Rory.  However, I flipped to TNT three times during the afternoon coverage just to check in.  The first time, they had the cameras on Phil Mickelson and were discussing him.   The second time, they had the cameras on Phil Mickelson and were discussing him.  The third time, they had the cameras on Phil Mickelson and were discussing him.  By this time, Mickelson was +8.  The second time featured the hackneyed attempts at comedy Gary McCord never fails to bring to a telecast.

My only complaint about the stream is that, every once in a while, maybe once an hour, the screen would go blank and I’d have to refresh the link.  Other than that minor annoyance, I have nothing but praise.

Koepka, in Jordan’s group, played great yesterday, finishing -3.  He had everything under control, but he was also aided by a chip-in.  At one point, he was 9 of 9 hitting fairways — and he hits the ball a mile.  If he keeps that up, he’ll be in contention come Sunday.

Patrick Reed had a very quiet, it seemed to me, -2.  In the He-Is-Bound-To-Get-One-Someday derby, Reed and Fowler are well-placed.  So are Hideki and Rahm, but they seem so certain, it is not appropriate to put them in that club just yet.   Grayson Murray and Bud Cauley are two names I’d like to see stay in contention.  Hideki had only 7 pars, birdies and bogeys ruling his card; he had one more birdie than bogey, so finished at -1.

This WordPress editor gets worse every day.  It’s incredibly slow and halting when you type.  You type “cat,” and maybe the “c” shows up, then a couple of seconds later, the “at” finally appears.  It takes up 5 to 9 percent of my CPU time just sitting here as an open window.  What the hell is it doing?  It reminds me of the slowness of first-generation dumb terminal servers — back in the 1980s, when entire companies were jammed onto one 10 Mbps Ethernet segment.

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26 Responses to Packing Day at Quail Hollow

  1. Speedy says:

    I hate this “feature group” thingie on Thursday and Friday. And their website still sucks bigtime. Worst EVER major coverage.

    That all said, Go Koepka and Matsuyama!

    • lannyh says:

      I love the feature groups, for reasons I’ve stated many times: I want to watch specific players on Thursday and Friday; there is continuity and it’s like being there, or playing yourself.

      I find the regular television ADHD coverage annoying: Watch this guy we never show chip in; look at this graphic for three seconds; look at Phil’s facial reaction to missing that putt; here’s some guy hitting from the fairway, is it someone I want to hit a good shot or a bad shot — who knows, just shut up and watch the ball in flight.

      It’s like watching a baseball game completely out of order, every pitch shown randomly.

      The website leaves much to be desired, that’s for sure. Pretty much the standard “awful” for today’s Internet, I must say.

  2. Speedy says:

    Meanwhile in Guam, one can purchase a Mushroom Cloud latte at Infusion Coffee Shop.

  3. Speedy says:

    Orangeman, sick and boorish, who should be removed by Congress yesterday.

  4. DanishDude says:

    I’m obviously rooting for Thorbjørn Olesen; he’s an extremely talented player, only problem is his inconsistency, especially with his driving. Hopefully he can string together 4 rounds this week, without a total breakdown and be in contention sunday.

    On a side note, I completely agree with your sentiments re. average people and the ruination of the internet as we know it. Case in point is the site. It used to be very simple and userfriendly, but some geniuses decided to overhaul it and now it has become totally annoying, cluttered and almost useless. Just a simple thing like following players on their leaderboards is totally cumbersome – you mark a player and a pop-up tells you “Now following xx – would you like to create a profile so that your followed player appears all across your devices?” – No ffs, I just want to follow that player. You mark another player, same thing, you mark a third player and a new pop-up tells you “You need to sign in to follow more players”. Now, please tell me how this is an improvement…

    • lannyh says:


      They all want to harvest data and connect all your accounts/activities to better target ads.

      You know how AdBlocker whitelists work? If a company agrees to only use UNOBTRUSIVE ads (and pays X amount of money), AdBlock “whitelists” them which allows their ads to pass through (most users allow whitelist ads through). Companies, though, often refuse to restrain themselves to unobtrusive ads! Crummy explanation, but the point is that they intentionally annoy people.

  5. Speedy says:

    Good luck with Olesen, DD. He was finally shown on our broadcast a moment ago. Similarly, leader Kisner got almost no coverage love this morning.

    Agree about ET’s crappy website, but not as bad as for this week’s non-coverage of Glory’s Last Shot. ha ha

  6. Speedy says:

    Afternoon “feature groups” are going down the shitter, while Matsuyama and others move upward.

  7. Speedy says:

    Too bad about Olesen. Oh well, we didn’t see it here

    I’m tired of seeing a wee portion of the tournament. I’m gone. I’ll check Saturday and Sunday to see if coverage is any better.

  8. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    Looks like Rory (finished) and Jordan (2 to play) are both 10 back of the leaders. They’re going to have to do some work for a showdown between the two to mean anything.

    Meanwhile, Hideki shoots a second round 64 after posting a final round 61 last week. If he is on this form through the weekend, it’s his W.

    • lannyh says:

      While the leaders have a sizable lead, there aren’t THAT many players between E and -8. Or, maybe a better way to put it is that Fowler is five back and in 7th place. As opposed to say five back and, say, 25th place.

      Rory won at Quail from the cut number to get his first win. That said, it would appear Rory and Jordan are probably out of it. Hideki has been playing great, and Kisner seems suited for the course. Not to mention Jason Day. And Rickie ain’t bad himself.

  9. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    As the guys “hustle” to get finished so they don’t have to come back for an early morning finish, IBF says, “See, these guys can play fast if they want to”.

    Then, not sure who it was, maybe Nantz, says, “Maybe we should put a time limit on them…maybe 4 hours….or how about a shot clock?” Not exact quotes but you get the idea.

    All I can say is….”WHAT….THE……..FUCK?!”

    THERE IS A “SHOT CLOCK!!!!” The tour just chooses not to enforce it and it’s absolutely criminal.

    • lannyh says:

      Calm down. What’s your hurry? You probably lack the patience for golf. You might like X Games Skateboarding. They only get 40 seconds for a complete run. That seems like a better fit for your high-strung metabolism.

      • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

        I lack the patience for wasting time. If I play a round by myself, I’m done in 1.5 hours. If I play in a 4some, we’re done in 3 hours. Watching guys plumb-bob from 30 feet or walking around a 30 footer for 5 minutes only to miss by “a mile” is annoying.

        Besides, the announcers basically said the guys were playing as good or better by moving faster.

      • lannyh says:

        Stop and smell the roses. Why always in a rush? Relax. You just might like it.

      • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

        It’s not being in a rush. If you walk, you have hundreds of steps throughout a round to take in the scenery. It also gives an efficient player time to “do their homework” so that when they get to their next shot, they don’t have to think about it. They’ve already done that. Similarly, if you’re in a cart, you have the same opportunities…you just get to your next shot quicker.

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