Quail Hollow Eve

         Weather Woes?
         Tail Wag Dog
  1. FedEx signs 10-year deal extension
  2. PGA Championship booted from August
  3. “Playoffs” will now finish by Labor Day and not go up against football

By the way, these “playoffs” are rather queer.  Each week, the field gets weaker, and the event less interesting.  What other sports’ playoffs can make that boast?

Oh, well, I’m sure they will have March Madness level television ratings now that they aren’t going up against football.  Well, other than those preseason games.  (It’s going to look great when golf’s “playoffs” attract fewer viewers than a Jacksonville vs Cincinnati exhibition game.)

     Who's to say I'm out of touch?

It’s been a few years since I got here
Seen `em come and I’ve seen `em go
Crowds assemble, they hang out awhile
Then they melt away like an early snow

On to some bright future somewhere
Down the road to points unknown
Sending post cards when they get there
Wherever it is they think they’re goin’

If those lines don’t sum up the actions of the golf moneychangers the past twenty years, I don’t know what does.

The golf establishment — and by that I mean those who see dollar signs on every golf ball — continue to display a dogged directionlessness.  They wish to change the essence of golf in an attempt to turn the PGA Tour into the NFL or some other major sport.  They are not the stewards of golf; they are frustrated businessmen.  Wannabe Donald Trumps.

  • I saw where golf in the Olympics is now extended to 2020.  Professional golf has no place in the Olympics.  Everyone knows that.  It detracts from true Olympic sports.  Sports where the Olympics is the ultimate, the pinnacle.  Golfers would trade ten gold medals for one green jacket.  I don’t need to beat that dead horse.
  • Consider the entire concept of the FedEx Cup “Playoffs.”
  • Moving a major to accommodate FedEx and try to revive the Players.
  • Overblown hyping of the Ryder Cup.

None of those things represent the essence of golf, but yet those are the things being inexorably pushed.  Follow the money.

What’s the commonality here?

NBC.  As I’ve said in the past:  NBC is one of the most corrupt organizations in the entire world.

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4 Responses to Quail Hollow Eve

  1. lannyh says:

    “Spieth chasing golf immortality” — Duluth News Tribune.

    Kyle Porter, what to make of him… I think he might be funnier than readers realize. But then again maybe I’m wrong.

    Porter: “Spieth squares off with his one chance at history” — One chance? Hmmm. Methinks Jordan will be going for the Big Kahuna, Bobby Jones-style every year for many more. Not to mention Jack’s 18.

    But put that aside. The subheading: “The career Grand Slam is on deck for Kid America if he can get past a stacked field.”

    Okay, is Kyle’s “Kid America” not an obvious mashup of my “Kid GOAT” and “America’s Golfer”? Oh, well, I like it in any event.

    • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

      In that Porter article he referred to Jordan’s one chance at becoming the youngest to win the slam. That’s what he meant but you knew that. Click Bait!

  2. lannyh says:

    I forgot to mention before this article went to press… I have a comparison for what I wish golf pre-major coverage were like.

    Anyone old enough to remember the beginnings of CNN? They had two channels, one being Headline News. Headline News was a 30 minutes news program that changed very little half-hour-to-half-hour. What you needed in concise, dense form. You watched it, got what you needed, moved on. I guess such a format is no longer financially viable, in news or in golf. The idea now is to string people along.

  3. Speedy says:

    “Play ball!”

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