The Scream

I don’t earn a penny from this website.  Call it a “fun hobby,” if you will, although that assumes a definition of “fun” not found in any dictionary I know of.  As I’ve mentioned a number of times, I recently upgraded my computer hardware and software.  No more antiquated gear for ole Lanny.  No more glitches due to not having the latest and greatest.  All my frustrations would be gone at last!

Except that’s not what happened at all.  It’s hard to imagine, but things got worse.  I could give 50 examples, but let one suffice.

You’ve probably seen warnings like this: “This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave — data you have entered may not be saved.”  That’s from WordPress, and let me tell you, it has saved my skin on several occasions over the years.  You write for an hour without publishing or saving, then inadvertently click on a news link.  Oops!  All your work is lost!

This message gives you a chance to cancel.  Very useful.  However, with my new gear — and using WordPress’s latest and greatest editor — I get that message constantly, even when I’m not editing whatsoever.  I pull up the website to check comments, then click to go somewhere else, and I get that message.

The result is that I now mindlessly click “YES, I WANT TO LEAVE!!!” every time, without considering whether I’m about to lose anything.  An accident waiting to happen.  Not to mention the constant disruption.

I said one example, but here’s a second.  Today I walk in to find my machine entirely unresponsive.  I see “80 percent complete” and a logo I don’t recognize.  Long story short, it was a Dell update to some of their intrusive software.  Totally locked up my machine for about ten minutes, I suppose it would have been in total.  (Afterward, I went in and disabled all the Dell processes; if no problems, I’ll remove them from startup.)

Then there are the “improvements” made to software I have to use.  Writing this post, I have to stop typing every few lines and scroll up so that what I’m typing remains on the screen.  It wasn’t like that with my old, hopelessly outdated hardware and software.  It’s only with this “new and improved” WordPress editor.

Anyway, next time you are bashing me (or any other blogger) for being a stupid, incompetent, worthless piece of crap, please consider that I am (and they are) often swimming against a strong current in a hopelessly polluted river.


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2 Responses to The Scream

  1. Speedy says:

    Group hug.

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