Friday Firestone Semi Live

Golf writers strive to come up with interesting, germane comparisons for players in the news.  Lacking both my talent and knowledge, they wind up repeating each other’s lame assertions.  Then even less talented and knowledgeable readers repeat the lame assertions.  Golf’s version of the MSM political echo chamber.

Today I will demonstrate why I am the best, with no close second.

Jordan Spieth in 2017 is like…

George Blanda in 1970.  I could write a Montaigne-quality essay about that season and why it remains embedded in my memory, but it’s better for the unfamiliar to peruse the link I provided.  Note the final week was not particularly heroic, but it was enough to feed the premise, to feed the narrative.

Jordan Spieth 2017:

  • Holes sand shot to win, vigorous chest bump
  • Hits foul-ball tee shot, recovers, wins major
  • Sinks two consecutive 50-foot putts, hits “just watch” recovery shot

George Blanda 1970.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Small things can sometimes be very revealing.  Headline to ESPN article: “Thomas Pieters leads by 1 at Firestone; Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth 2 back.”  Note Rory is listed prior to Spieth even though Rory is so much second fiddle to Spieth now.  McIlroy was also mentioned first in the article.

“The opening two rounds were moved up to the morning because of a forecast of thunderstorms in the afternoon.”  From an ESPN article.  Okay, mystery solved.  Can’t blame Golf Channel.  In my defense, I can’t recall such a schedule change based just on general weather pattern probabilities.

More and more, I find the Internet awful.  The constant @#$%!&^ “motion” on almost every screen is maddening.  It’s like someone shining a bright flashlight in your eyes as you try to read assembly instructions.  Unbroken concentration is paramount for effective reading, and yet Internet websites intentionally distract.  Stupid people are not much bothered by the motion, and stupid people are much more susceptible to advertising, so one can’t expect things to change any time soon.  All one can do is take comfort in knowing others feel the same:

South Park Clip on How Awful the Internet Has Become

South Park Clip on Internet Advertising

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4 Responses to Friday Firestone Semi Live

  1. Speedy says:

    Rain’s making Firestone greener, while suspensions in play are making everyone older.
    Re big boys, Day’s showing McIlroy and Spieth the way. Dusty’s fading badly.

    • lannyh says:

      Live, tape delay, rain delays… It was a mess. I finally fell asleep, woke up, put Golf Channel on and pretended it was live for final few holes. It might have actually been, I don’t know. Jordan saved his round with two late birdies. Setting up for a fun weekend.

      Now, if only the PGA Tour and GC will let us know tee times, coverage times, and if the coverage is live…

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