One Limited Field Event Until Jordan Vs. Rory

  • The next chapter in Jordan Vs. Jack is only one week away.
  • The next chapter in Jordan Vs. Rory is only one week away.  (Here’s a tremendous piece on the rivalry.  I believe my take is slightly different, though similar.  Rory’s problem, in my opinion, is straying from logic in a costly manner.  Consider two top-notch poker players, who always play the percentages.  One of them, though, can’t help but on one or two hands a days “going with his gut.” He might luck out sometimes, but overall the odds are against him, so, long term, as in 72 holes, you are gifting your foes a couple of hands/strokes.  It’s common for Rory to get those backdoor top tens, with a double or triple, or a bogey on a par-5, on Thursday or Friday being very painful on Sunday.  And the costly hole comes compliments of an ill-considered choice of driver off the tee, or a similar lapse in playing the percentages.  Now, to be sure, some of Rory’s problems come when he judiciously hits, say, an iron off the tee and misses the fairway.  [I realize pros are not robots, but you’ve simply GOT to put those in the fairway.])
  • Congrats to Jhonattan Vegas for winning the Canadian Open.

Reasons this week’s event suffers:

  1. Limited Field #1:  Fewer players make for weaker events.  Yet, bizarrely, the WGC awards more points due to “strong field.”  While overall I’m a fan of the OWGR rankings system, they place too much emphasis on the players at the top.  This past week, for example, DJ brought a ton of points to the event, but seven guys beat him, none of them ranked in the top 35.  (You can check me on that; I think Hoffman at #38 and Woodland at #47 were the highest-ranked.)
  2. Driving accuracy means nothing, giving long hitters great advantage whether they hit it straight or not.  It’s the equivalent of those bowling gutter guards that kids use.
  3. (Quick Aside…  The OWGR website is the worst website on the Internet.  The information there is great, which only amplifies the problem.  Their website is the 2017 version of yellow text on a florescent orange background, intentionally distracting those who sincerely want to peruse the data.  I dread having to look up information there and feel relief when I am able to close the window.  The people who designed and approved that website are low IQ, I guarantee you.  Why distract people if you are not getting revenue for doing so?)
  4. Limited Field #2: The limited field means Thursday and Friday tee times don’t start until late in the morning.  Whether you attend the event in person or follow it from home or office, the excitement level suffers.  Driving to work and hearing on the radio about the leaders at the Masters or U.S. Open whets fans and potentials fans’ appetites.
  5. The fact that this week’s event is weaker than full-field events yet will be sold to the public as uber-strong.
  6. It’s obvious the idea is to have a “name” win, bestowing, over the years, a gravitas to these WGC events.  A phony, WWE gravitas, I would point out.  It’s an expanded version of Battle at Bighorn.

But, take heart, it gives (top-ranked) foreign players something to do while adjusting to the time change before Glory’s Last Shot.

Glory’s Last Shot:  I used to hate that nickname.  It doesn’t make logical sense.  (Glory doesn’t have a shot at anything.)  However, now that the PGA Tour has decided it doesn’t like the nickname — as it denigrates the FedEx Cup’s glory (please, it’s not polite to laugh) — I officially love “Glory’s Last Shot.”

Random Rant: For years, I used an antiquated PC.  A lot of stuff on the web didn’t work properly.  It was the price I paid for not upgrading.  Or so I thought.  Now I have the latest and greatest hardware and software on two machines — and I still have as much stuff fail as I did with the ancient equipment.  I’m not talking about stuff where I have not properly configured settings; I’m talking about buggy software.  Also, some old functionality — convenient old functionality — has been purposely removed, the better to push ads and mine data from “social.”  (An example, from right now, a problem I’ve seen many times…  I click on “Edit” at WordPress to edit this article.  Nothing happens.  I refresh the page, then click “Edit,” and the editor comes up.  These are 1975 bugs, not something you’d expect in 2017.)

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8 Responses to One Limited Field Event Until Jordan Vs. Rory

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    Totally agree regarding Ror’s. He has this propensity to throw in a double or two at the most inopportune times that have probably cost him a hand full of W’s.

    Side bar. Just saw that Ror’s has ditched his caddie, JP Fitzgerald. Bad move son.

    • lannyh says:

      Whoa! I’m shocked at that news. Rory was always defensive about J.P. It was just a day or two before Rory went on one of his tears, and I had the great idea to write a piece that he replace J.P. I hated to do it, but it seemed like the correct, clinical thing to do. Before I wrote it, Rory won a major or two, and I, uhmmm, changed my mind.

      So hearing this is pretty surprising to me, no doubt about it. J.P. had just been in the media the other day for, ostensibly, helping Rory break out of a bad round with some tough love.

      Oh, well, it’s hard to keep such a team together. At a certain point, you just get annoyed with one another. The Beatles come to mind. The music world is full of successful bands that break up (and do poorly until their “reunion” tours years later). I never heard why Mickelson and his caddy broke up. He’s on TV now (the caddy), so maybe he had an offer he didn’t want to pass up.

      Maybe Rory thinks he needs a Greller, who seems to be the next generation caddy, going to obscene efforts to improve their chances. I wonder if he has anyone in mind. With these next two weeks, he might not want to use the guy from One Direction.

      • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

        I didn’t realize it, partially because Rory did what I said above, and shot himself in the foot on the front 9 on Thursday at The Open, but I saw where, from that point on (i.e. the last 63 holes) Ror’s was -10. Winner Jordan Spieth was -9 over that stretch.

      • lannyh says:

        Well, I’d just like to point out you don’t get mulligans in the British Open.

        Branden Grace was -8 for last 36 holes to Spieth’s -6. Should he get a trophy, too?

        Man up, people!

      • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

        What are you talking about?!

        Of course you don’t get mulligans. The point was Rory did what he does a lot of times and turns in a bad hole or 9 hole stretch…..opposite an otherwise very good tournament, and it costs him the W.

        All these back door Top 10’s you referred to are exactly like this.

        That’s why Jordan is ultimately better. He is able to avoid the blow up hole or 9 hole stretch and it helps him stay in it and win.

  2. Speedy says:

    Shot himself in the foot then, and shot himself in the head now.
    There goes our fantasy duel at Hollow Quail.

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