“Spieth is going to have the most wins, including majors”

I’m convinced when it’s time to sit down and sort out everyone’s place in history someday, Spieth is going to have the most wins, including majors.

— Kevin Van Valkenburg, ESPN Senior Writer

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13 Responses to “Spieth is going to have the most wins, including majors”

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    He’s certainly capable, but like everyone, we’ll see what life throws at him.

  2. Speedy says:

    A career with another 20 to 25 years of winning? Well, it won’t matter to many of us. Hell, the world may resemble The Road by then. What does Nostradamus say?

  3. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    Who gets their career slam first, Rory or Jordan?

    • lannyh says:

      That’s a great question. Rory seems snakebit at Augusta, but it’s a weaker field, upping his chances. Based on the smaller, weaker field, my brain says Rory, but my gut tells me it will be Jordan. It might be better to ask me in January; I might just be picking whoever has the nearest chance.

      It also occurs to me that Jordan likely will have a lot to say about who wins at Augusta for many years to come, which will lower Rory’s chances by some degree or other. [Upping the fun factor, Rory has already said, he’d badly like to win at Quail Hollow to keep Jordan from getting that career slam just yet.]

      A similar question that crossed my mind recently was, “Which comes first, Jordan completing career slam, or Dallas winning Super Bowl?”

  4. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    Seems the current media darlings are, in no particular order, DJ, Rory, and Jordan. That said, seems the media are clamoring for Rickie to enter the ring. And then there is Day who seems to be in no man’s land right now although he is playing okay, if sporadically. Seems the Koepka talk has cooled since the US Open, even though he did have a good showing at the BO.

    I guess I’m still holding out a sliver of hope that the stars will align and “an old guy” like Kuch or Westy will get a well deserved major.

    • lannyh says:

      It was hard to pull against Kuch, but I had to do it.

      I always felt the media was forcing “hype” upon DJ and Day. I should probably lump Fowler in with that group, although his hype was of a different type. Their hyping of Rory seemed more natural to me. Koepka would be in the former group, too, to the extent that he’s been hyped.

      Spieth has been odd. They don’t seem near as in love with him as I would expect. I don’t get it. His popularity seems more homegrown and results-based.

      I should write a piece on this train of thought, but it seems Jordan blows up all their narratives. They can’t pigeonhole him into “athlete” or “bomber” or any of their other convenient tags. “Great putter” is used, but I don’t think (or don’t think they think) that resonates much with the public. But, forget trying to form a narrative, and just accept the real one. Great Golfer. This is a kid who finished T-16 in a PGA Tour event — as a 16-year-old. I don’t know if it’s the era we live in, or I’m just seeing things clearer in my old age, but I see the media as being very blatant about their money-making motives. I trust the media to be legit about sports, politics, anything as much as I’d trust Ford to be honest about comparing cars, or Coke to be about flavored soft drinks. Or any beer maker about the detrimental effects of alcohol.

      In any event, I find myself pretty fired up about Quail Hollow already. Jordan is a big story now, of course, but Rory won his maiden PGA Tour event there, and another year he was in a playoff, losing to … Rickie Fowler. There’s almost an expectation of something fun happening. (So watch a obscure(ish) European win it by six shots.)

      At any rate, Jordan Spieth, America’s Golfer, has Made Golf Great Again. I must admit I was starting to worry 2015 was just a one-off anomaly. It’s pretty wild that he’s only one major behind Rory. (I can’t help but think Rory’s career has been hindered by mistake after mistake. Although, the money he made from Nike — remember the giant hologram — made him so wealthy, it’s hard to call that a mistake. Still, switching clubs, changing body shape, heavy gym work, careless injuries, management battles, famous tennis girlfriend… I think it all took a toll.)

      • Speedy says:

        I know the Kuch feeling. Your opponent whining on the first hole, playing mediocre for most of the round…then all of a sudden starts making putts and stops pouting.

        Young age aside (24 this week), that’s probably what bothers me the most about Spieth. He’s a pouter and a whiner if things aren’t going the right way. He’s got to man up.

        That all said, (because of the aforementioned) a somewhat hollow victory at Birkdale may be a good omen for him at Quail Hollow. I expect him to win it and many more, if a few mental adjustments are made.

        Could be Spieth vs McIlroy mano a mano at Quail Hollow, though I agree McIlroy for whatever reasons, is really screwed up at the moment.

      • lannyh says:

        I don’t see the pout or whine at all. He got a bad break on No. 1 and said “crap.” A real loss of control, eh?

        And how about meeting the press after his debacle on Sunday at the Masters? (NY Times headline: “Jordan Spieth Absorbs ‘a Tough One’ With Dignity”) You’d be hard-pressed to find a classier guy in all of sports.

        He doesn’t cuss or spit or sulk or throw clubs or stiff post-round interviewers. A real breath of fresh air.

      • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

        I think the SA Spurs are a good comparison to Jordan. Nothing too flashy, at the end of the day the just win and with class. Or maybe more specifically Tim Duncan.

      • lannyh says:

        Duncan’s relative obscurity is instructive. Sad, and emblematic of our shallow society. I can’t see Jordan being ignored to that degree.

        I should mention that I heard Jordan mentioned on two days on NPR’s top-of-the-hour newscasts. That’s pretty rare, as they only rarely mention sports. (Not to mention a white guy in a favorable way. Hey, I’m just being honest.)

  5. Speedy says:

    Manbaby said, “That’s just crap, man. That’s crap.” Nervous or bad break, Spieth got into a noticeable funk. Went to the dark side. So much so, his looper tried to pull him out of it, “68 front…get over it.” He didn’t get over it, and played mostly shitty ’til the 21-minute “timeout”.

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