Saturday Memorial Live Blog

1:30 pm Update:

Jordan and Justin on the course; television coverage is underway.  (half–hour transition gap again this week…)  Big question is what will Dufner do today?

A few rapid-fire morning thoughts:

  • Dufner, you’d make a fine winner, but I’m for Rickie or Jordan to catch you.
  • Jack with Faldo and Gannon: a great combo.  After talking about how today’s golfers often have knee-stressing (an injury-causing) swings, Jack said to Sir Nick that they themselves had a similarity in their swings in that they didn’t stress their knees.  Jack said, “You were big enough that you didn’t have to…” and kind of trailed off.  I think the unspoken point was that taller, heavier guys don’t have to swing so violently to create power.
  • Kathy Griffin pulls a horrid stunt, suffers backlash, then blames it on her being a woman.  When in doubt, play the PC card.  Do you think if Dick Clark had pulled that stunt with a mock-up of a president’s bloody head, he would not have lost his job?
  • Tiger’s Videos: No one that I’ve seen has remarked at the dramatic improvement in Woods’s apparent level of pain.  Unlike in Dubai, Woods was able to move about quite well — from the standpoint of his back.  Was it perhaps (a) the medication masked all pain and he was damaging himself unknowingly; (b) he feels so much better that the siren call of tomcatting became too strong to resist.
  • I’m reading an article in National Geographic about the history of margarine.  Margarine had a lot of trans fats in it, which is, we now know (know?) is extremely bad for heart health, so margarine is no longer sold.  However, for decades, margarine was pushed by the government as more healthy than butter.  They even passed laws to help increase margarine sales.  Separately, while reading about Woods’s latest travails, I came upon this article…  well, I can’t find it.  (This one covers some of the same ground: How the Back Pain Industry is Taking Patients for a Dangerous Ride.  An interesting, and enlightening to me, sentence: ‘Minimally invasive surgery’ is a marketing term. The damage beneath the skin will be exactly the same as it would be in traditional spine surgery. I had no idea!)  The gist of the article was that a lot of bad information regarding back pain and the use of opioids is being disseminated and applied.  I’m not referring to Tiger Woods and his treatment here; the point is that medical science is wrong far more often than they’d like people to know.  So mull over the commonalities of these three things:  margarine, heavy use of opiates in back pain management, and “the gym” in golf.  Three big mistakes?
  • Boswell noted, “[Jack Nicklaus] played a limited schedule to keep his body from breaking down. By spending time with his wife and five children, he stayed mentally sharp for majors. Chi Chi Rodriguez called him ‘a legend in his spare time.’”
  • I wonder if Jack’s comfort in the booth with Faldo and Gannon was in part due to a new feeling of certainty that he’ll not see anyone break his 18-major mark in his lifetime.
  • It’s probably too early to make such a statement, but DJ seems more like the old DJ than the invincible DJ prior to the Masters mishap.
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