Tiger/Memorial Thursday Semi Live Blog

Hit the Ball, Alice

I’ve lost my patience with the media mindset — shared, or copied, by many Americans — of victimhood.  No, I’m not a right wing kook who thinks bigots don’t exist.  I’m just tired of the paint-by-numbers simplicity of the inescapable “evil white males” meme being used for an excuse for literally everything.  Here’s a Woods DUI-related example from NOLA.com:

If you are a white male born in the United States in the 20th century, you begin with advantages that more than two-thirds of the world never enjoys. You will not face racial or gender discrimination and life will seem much more egalitarian to you than to someone in Sub-Saharan Africa or Bangladesh.

First off, anyone born in the U.S. is going to find the world more egalitarian than most people in Sub-Saharan Africa or Bangladesh, so identifying the person as “white male” is obviously moronic political pandering.  But that’s not really my complaint today.

The idea being pushed is that if you are born a white male, you are Donald Trump or Bill Gates or Brad Pitt or Peyton Manning.  No white males in the U.S. are born with disabilities, or get them fighting for our country.  No white males are short.  No white males have crooked teeth.  No white males have bad acne.  No white males are poor, or come from broken homes.  No, if you are a white male, you are rich and look like Brad Pitt.  And smart as Einstein.  Or rather you think you are.  Because we all know — from television — that white males are not truly smart, they just think they are.  They are clueless buffoons.

Woods is black, though.  Kind of, anyway.  So they whine about how tough it is to be black.  Well, how about framing it this way?

If you are a black male born in the United States with ungodly golf skills thanks to incredible eye-hand coordination and body control, and have a supportive mother and father helping you reach your full potential, you begin with advantages 99.99999999 percent of the world never enjoys.  Including the children of Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Brad Pitt.

Doesn’t exactly make you feel sorry for Tiger Woods when you think about it that way.  Is it not time to dispense with the idea that every problem is the fault of white males?  It’s cartoonish — even if politically useful to many.  Of course, Woods’s latest ill is kind of a “white” problem, anyway.  Last year, after the Washington Post wrote an article about the opioid epidemic (and connected suicide increase) among white rural males, much fun was had about how awful whites were, and how amusing it was to see them kill themselves.  Now Woods falls prey to this rural redneck/suburban teens/soccer mom problem — and it’s the fault of… white people.

By the way, if you are an attractive female of any race or creed, you have advantages 95 percent of the world never enjoys.  Homecoming queens all across the land are laughing at the idea that they are mistreated.

What happened to self-reliance?  To the idea of I-am-as-good-as-anybody individuals plotting their own course in life?  If you feel someone has it better than you, you work twice as hard.  Are we just all hopeless wards of the state, fated to live as an oppressed member of any non-white-male group the media and pols pigeonhole us into?

Sunrise: In case you missed it, the Memorial is Rory-less.  Have not checked the Woods news since last night.  I wonder if we’ll hear from Steinie.  I’ll turn Morning Drive on at the top of the hour to see how they are handling the video.

They start with the video.  Looks like they are washing their hands of Woods.  Or maybe just blatantly going after ratings; I guess that’s more likely.

I’m less touchy-feely about the showing of this video this morning.  An episode from the past has occurred to me, back when I had not even heard of opioid abuse:  I once saw a redneck type in the lobby of an office building I entered acting a bit odd/disoriented with the receptionist and the building manager; I rushed by, but it struck me as slightly out of the ordinary.  I went upstairs, got what I needed and left.  On my way out, the guy was gone, but there was a discussion in the lobby about him, whether he was sick or what.  I asked a question or two, then left.  The guy was in the big parking lot somewhere, but I didn’t see him, thinking he had left quite some before.  I stopped at a nearby traffic light in a fairly busy traffic area, one of those areas that are part city, part suburb.  A kind of confusing, Y-shaped triangle area.  As I waited. a pickup truck passed me on my left (everything was two-lane) and went through the red light.  It was that guy.  He stopped at the next one, but he had just driven blindly through the first one — on the wrong side of the road to boot.  Thankfully, no one was coming, so there was no auto accident.  It could have been tragic.  Totally innocent people could have been killed by a guy, I’m now certain, was loaded on opioids.  Humiliation for a drugged driver vs. an innocent person being killed.  Humiliation is small potatoes in that comparison.

But it does strike me as weird how Golf Channel defended some pretty twisted behavior by Woods in the past, but now they seem to be washing their hands of him.  I guess they no longer see money in him.

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3 Responses to Tiger/Memorial Thursday Semi Live Blog

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    I found it a bit interesting that Jack kind of went off on Rory (and a few others) withdrawing. Basically saying, “you didn’t see me or Arnie or Gary, etc backing out of tournaments because we were a little nicked up”.

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