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Sunday Travelers Semi Live

J O R D A N    S P I E T H ! Moves to OWGR #2 (I think) 5:30 pm Update: Jordan’s Ball Wills Itself Into Hole!  Leads by One! Why has the Internet become so incredibly awful?  I … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up, Semi Live, Etc.

6:00 pm:  Can’t say I approve of Golf Channel booting the LPGA in order to cover the Travelers finale (that CBS jettisoned).  I’d rather see the Travelers, true, but it’s the wrong thing to do. Okay, split screen is okay.  … Continue reading

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Sunday U.S. Open Semi Live Blog

7:45 pm Update:  Well, Koepka certainly wasn’t my favorite, but he played better than anyone else, that’s for sure.  And he paid his dues on the Euro Tours, so there’s no begrudging him this victory.  I thoroughly enjoyed the event, … Continue reading

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Saturday U.S. Open Semi Live Blog

7:25 Update: I don’t think playing with your “buddy” is ever good with the possible exception of Thursday and Friday.  I think playing with someone you don’t talk to, or feel the need to talk to, is best.  Well, now … Continue reading

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Friday U.S. Open Semi Live Blog

Evening Wrap Would it be possible for an announcer in a post-round interview not to ask, “You have contended in a past major(s).  Will anything from that carry over to this tournament?”

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Thursday U.S. Open Semi Live Blog

2:49 pm Update: I like the Fox coverage pretty darn well.  Good comment by Azinger about how learning to hook is the first step in becoming a good golfer.  I wish I’d have

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Potluck Golf

I could not get into this week’s tournament whatsoever.  I pulled up the leaderboard this morning to have a gander.  Half-hearted is not a strong enough word for my near total

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