Woods Wednesday Semi Live Blog

MESSAGE FROM LANNY H:  Okay, I gotta be honest here.  I don’t think those videos should have been released to the public, and I don’t understand why they were.  People have done far worse and yet their privacy was shielded.  I don’t remember seeing such video of other people, but it’s not like I follow celebrity stuff very much.  What about Mel Gibson when he got arrested and made incendiary comments?  Did they show videos of him?  I know it varies by state, but, seriously, this seems to betray standard decency to release this.  What was the purpose?  To humiliate him?  What’s next?  Put him in stocks in a shopping mall food court?  Such video should be reserved for a jury if the case goes to trial, and I don’t understand why this was made public.

I don’t think anyone is going to accuse me of being a Tiger Woods apologist, but I am deeply troubled that our society would release these videos for no apparent reason.

They had already released the reports, which were very descriptive.  Woods was not making any kind of complaint about his treatment; in fact, he said they treated him fairly.  Why was this video release necessary?

I’m not blaming the cops.  They were extremely courteous and polite.  But I just don’t understand the release of these videos at this time.

Dashcam Vid: TMZ has posted it

[Update:  The subsequent videos (where he is out of the car) are very distressing as to Woods’s condition.  Really bad shape.  Very slurred speech.  Wobbly.]

Here’s the link.  Pretty lowkey.  Cops are professional; Woods is polite.  Just shows car as Woods is sitting in it.  You don’t see him, just his car.  The audio is quite clear, though.  His responses are not logical, but you can understand him quite easily.  If it weren’t for the inability to converse logically, you wouldn’t necessarily think he was out of it.  He’s certainly not belligerent or anything.  (Certainly not “arrogant,” as the media first reported (although this is just a small portion of the encounter, admittedly).  (Also, he wasn’t stopped for driving erratically, as the media also first reported.)

“Compassion for Tiger” Wearing Thin

I just read an article by Michael Rosenberg of SI/Golf entitled, “Amid more public scandal, finding empathy for Tiger Woods.”  Call me a bad person, but I would rather save my empathy for someone more deserving.  I reflected on the double standard we have in our world and came up with this comment which I tweeted to Rosenberg:

Sorry. Woods “mistake” empathy in short supply during an age where saying “the girls in accounting” can derail a businessman’s career.

See what I’m saying?  Microaggressions are unforgivable, defining sins.  On the other hand, a pattern of Skid Row behavior demands our empathy.

No one is calling for Woods to be put in prison.  People just think he’s a selfish guy who has had more than his fair share of second chances.

More lowlights from Rosenberg’s piece:

“How we interpret Tiger Woods’s actions has much more to do with us than it does with him.”

Uh, yeah.  Right.

“the most dominant golfer in history”

Not “one of,” but THE.  Nicklaus, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan (8 of 11 majors), and Bobby Jones — to name just a few — might, just might, trigger a reasonable (or unreasonable, for that matter) person to at tack on “arguably,” eh?  But not Rosenberg.  (And yes, I know he worded it “most dominant” so he could spin his criteria and defend his claim.  No, no, I don’t mean he was the best or most successful, but for eight years, two months, four days, and three hours, he was “most dominant, ever.“)

“But he is still committed to being a great, involved father”

Okay, look.  Let me be blunt.  I had one of those DUI dads, and it sucked.  I’ll leave it at that.

Woods Was Cavorting With Laci Somers Night of Arrest

From Terez Owens by way of Total Pro Sports:

As for the rumor concerning Tiger’s alleged female companion, that comes to us from the folks at Terez Owens. Back in March they reported that Tiger was “linked” to Instagram model Laci Somers. Now they say they have a source who says Tiger had been hanging out with her the night he was arrested.

No word yet on whether or not he was wearing his Buddhist bracelet.

Yahoo Reports Woods Listed Illegal Drug!

From Yahoo:

Torix, which is most likely a misspelling of Turox, is a brand name for another pain- and swelling-relief drug called etoricoxib. The drug is illegal in the US; its side effects can include fatigue and chest pain.

The Times They Are A-Changed

From the New York Times:

But on the Muirfield Village course during Tuesday’s practice rounds, players who weren’t on the tour in 2013 — when Woods last won (and spent time at world No. 1) — read the police report on smartphones between shots or holes and turned Woods into the punchline of their jokes.

Coming Later Today

Golf Channel (Rex Hoggard) is reporting dashcam video, audio, and photos of the damaged vehicle will be released this afternoon.

Sunrise Stray Thoughts

The media:  NBC News runs this headline and story, “Is Tiger Woods’ DUI Arrest the Final Nail in His Coffin?”  This is the same NBC media empire that for twenty years has glorified Woods nonstop, which had a See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil attitude regarding him.  TGC became GC because the nickname Tiger Golf Channel hit so embarrassingly close to home.  Brandel Chamblee only two years ago insisted Woods would be the biggest story in golf for “the next ten years.”  Remember when NBC took to referring to Woods’s return from the sex scandal as his “comeback from his auto accident”?  Do they now reckon they have squeezed every last drop of blood from the turnip?

Mug Shot Fever:  I’m still amazed by how a Mug Shot changed everything for the media.  Hidden visits to Dr. Galea.  Crickets.  Creepy information from the sex scandal.  Crickets.  Vulgar on-course behavior.  Crickets.  Mug Shot.  Stone him!  Stone him!

Racegate:  Will Americans one day look back on this era and label it the Racegate Scandal years, a period brought to us courtesy of politicians and the media?  The manifestation of “Divide and Conquer” has turned everything into a matter of race, and the result is ugly.  Certainly Tiger Woods, for many of those celebrated “casual golf fans,” has been about race since the very outset.  Then there is this: For far too many people in America, God — or any code of moral justice — has been replaced by their devotion to political party.  Woods started off as very useful politically.  His usefulness was so great that when his facade started to crack, it was ignored, covered up, sold as nothing more than exaggeration and hatred coming from personally-flawed enemies.  Now Woods has become a political liability, so NBC writes about nails in his coffin.

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan (and Racists):  For independent-minded people, guilt by association is particularly galling.  Background: I was a huge Tiger Woods fan.  Regular readers know the story: books, videos, photos on bulletin boards at work, so many trips to see him play I can’t remember them all.  I fully bought into the phony image to which Stephen A. Smith recently alluded: a squeaky-clean workaholic devoted to his craft and family, whose occasional rude outbursts were the result of frustration with those falling short of his moral and work standards.  Then came the two scandals.  The sex scandal, which could not be denied, and the Galea scandal, which could not logically be denied.  When the facts change, my views change.  I don’t apologize for that.  However, I suddenly found myself in alliance with a lot of people who never liked Woods.  And, frequently, the reason for their dislike looked an awful lot like racism.  You know, the “Tigger” Woods crowd.  And, right now, that crowd is very much on display in the comments sections of the Internet.  Tiger Woods and his phony baloney image (very enriching for him and the corporate golf machine), aided and abetted by the media and our divisive political system, brought out the worst in a large swath of our nation.

The Media (slight reprise):  Capitalism works when it spurs people into a race to the top.  Capitalism fails when it spurs people (the media, cough, cough) into a race to the bottom.

Fool Me 10,001 Times:  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  For the media covering Tiger Woods, twice was far, far too low.  But it seems the number has finally been reached.  I can’t find a single person in the media who is pushing Woods’s version of the incident: that it was an unfortunate and innocent mix-up with prescription drugs.

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10 Responses to Woods Wednesday Semi Live Blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    and lannys obsession continues

    • lannyh says:

      You seriously think this Woods story is not newsworthy? I remember when it was Big News to aim a live television camera at Woods’s empty parking space.

      The only obsession here is yours…

  2. lannyh says:

    The photos and audio were pretty darn dull. The photos were okay, I suppose, but the damage had already been described. The audio was just a cop and the dispatcher, and it was hard to even make out what they were saying, anyway.

    Maybe the video will be released later. Much ado about nothing with these first two releases (if you ask me). Not worth posting an entry, so I won’t.

  3. Kris says:

    I watched the entire half hour long dash cam video. I was impressed with how professional the arresting officer was and how Tiger handled himself. Tiger was confused and unfit to drive, but he was never rude or combative. I’m not sure he understood or cared he was being arrested. He’s incredibly lucky he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else. There’s nothing salacious or intriguing about this DUI. Tiger has handled the situation in the best way possible so far, so unless he fails to do so at a later date, I’ve pretty much lost interest.

    • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

      As have I. Was it a bad situation? Yes. Did he handle it as well as he could? Yes. It seems clear TW is not handling the fact that he can’t, physically, play golf any more and he doesn’t appear to except that.

      Focus on your foundation and course designs, and forget about everything else. That’s all you have left….and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

      • Kris says:

        Exactly. He’ll never be “Tiger Woods, superstar by any means necessary” ever again, but there’s a vast gulf between that and being a directionless opiate addict. He needs to find his identity and worth outside of golf if he ever wants to be emotionally healthy.

      • lannyh says:

        I would be careful about explanations for why this occurred. He was doing this because he “can’t play golf any more” and can’t accept it? So… why did he do it in 2009? And, who is to say he only drove in such a condition twice — and just happened to get caught both times?

        Consider John Daly. Does he drink because something makes him, or because he just likes to get loaded? Many times, with musicians, the narrative is he was so successful so quickly he couldn’t handle it. With Woods, it’s that he got old and (might) have to stop playing. The media (and public) always come up with narratives — which often are just some kind of self-interested spin.

  4. Kris says:

    I understand being bothered by the release of the video. However, it is my belief that withholding police footage is almost always for the sake of protecting the police and not for the sake of protecting the person being arrested. In the instance of Tiger Woods, the police footage didn’t further damage his image in my opinion (it made me more sympathetic), but it did show the arresting officer exhibiting impeccable conduct. I can understand why JPD would be proud of the footage and more than willing to release it.

    • lannyh says:

      But no one was demanding its release. Well, unless it was the media or something. But no one involved in the case. It just strikes me, in broad general terms, as somehow not right.

      • Hobbled says:

        The pillars of society whom have never ever committed such a heinous crime against humanity have a new found disgust, hatred and sense of superiority and quite frankly victorious in watching a human being becoming the worst criminal one could ever be. A filthy dirty drunk/high driver.

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