Tiger Tuesday Semi Live Blog


From TMZ:

Tiger Woods’ car was a wreck when cops found him during his DUI arrest — with 2 flat tires, a broken tail light and mangled bumpers … this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

12:40 pm Update

Rich Lerner was just on MSNBC as a guest.  He compared Tiger Woods to Chris Cornell, Prince, and Michael Jackson.

Tiger said it was an unexpected reaction to prescription medications.  If that’s what he says, that’s what it was.  Why would anyone doubt his word?  Certainly Golf Channel has never before doubted anything Woods has said.


8:40 am

Here’s hoping Woods loses his ball and club sponsorships.   Why?   Because then he’ll be free to champion standardized, rolled-back golf equipment.  End the corporate money-grab the golf equipment industry has become.

Can someone explain to me why the media seems to be washing their hands of Woods because of — it sure seems like — this mug shot?  They haven’t given two craps about his cursing, links to Galea, club-slamming, rudeness, coldness, sex scandal, lying, or deception.  I mean, we even had a DUI before in reality; they just covered it up.  His wife said he was loaded on drugs when he crashed his SUV into the fire hydrant in 2009.  No problemo, said the media.  But this mug shot…  Buh, bye, Tiger!  Is it because words and thoughts are hard, but pictures are easy?  That they can’t spin a photo — not even to the LCD types?

8:14 am

I’m reminded of Braden Thornberry, winner of the NCAA tourney.  While waiting for last night’s Golf Central, I was mindlessly watching the NCAA tourney.  Thornberry came on the screen and hit an iron out of the rough.  He smashed it.  Pummeled it.  Crushed it.  Annihilated it.  With his stocky build and close-cropped blond hair, I immediately saw young “Fat Jack” Nicklaus.  Now, the swings are nothing alike.  (Thornberry’s is largely homegrown.)  But the way the ball flies off his club, well, you need to see for yourself.  And you’ll soon get a chance to.  He’s got a sponsor’s exemption into the St. Jude’s next week.  Don’t miss it.

8:00 am

Just remembered Morning Drive.  This should be interesting.

7:00 am

I keep seeing articles questioning why Woods didn’t “call an Uber.”  My response: Uber is like hitchhiking, only you pay.  And, unlike taxi drivers, you don’t need a license to drive for Uber.  There have been quite a few psychos in the news who drove for Uber.  Even with registered cab drivers, there are sometimes psychos and incidents.

So, you are a doped-up billionaire, famous as hell, and you are going to call some Uber psycho — a stranger with no license or background check — at 3:00 am to come pick you up?  Uh, no.  Maybe a 20-year-old working part time at a store in the mall might, but not a famous, wasted billionaire.

As well, Woods was more than likely out tom-catting and anyone he called would have leaked details faster than a deep state worker at a classified Trump meeting.  Gee, I wonder why Woods was visiting the wife of __________ (fill in the blank) at 3 o’clock in the morning?

He could have called one of his “people,” yes, but he would not necessarily have wanted them to know where he was, nor wanted to inconvenience them.  It’s logical to think this is not the first time he’s driven in such a state, so one assumes he did it many times before without getting busted.

Anyway, it annoys me how so many articles have “order an Uber” in them, so I wanted to respond.  I guess reporters consider it trendy and cool to reference Uber.

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20 Responses to Tiger Tuesday Semi Live Blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lanny’s website is dying so he writes about Tiger… go away, lanny!

    • lannyh says:

      Get a grip, dude. These days we actually get far more visitors during golf tournaments than we do from any Tiger Woods “news.” This ain’t 2001. It isn’t even 2009. He just isn’t the draw he once was. Sorry. The traffic we’re getting because of this DUI is not even on par with a regular ole PGA event. Major weeks?… Fuggit about it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    No Lanny. You hope Tiger loses his ssponsors because you are a racist hater.

  3. TM says:

    arrested for driving while black…lanny cheers

  4. Kris says:

    I apologize for believing the inaccurate report that Tiger refused to take a breathalyzer when he took two and was alcohol free. I’m glad his whacked out ass had the presence of mind to pull over, but he still deserves to face the legal consequences anyone else would in this situation. There seems to be no consensus of what the first drug listed is (it looks like soloxex), but if I had to guess it’s probably some kind of sleeping pill he took with vicodin. I loathe Tiger Woods and I relish his misfortune, but if I’m being reasonable, there is a chance he took his sleeping pill and pain pill as usual and started sleep-driving, which is a known side effect.

    The police report makes his statement make a lot more sense. Now it reads more as an admission that he abuses prescription drugs, but something like this had never happened before and it terrified him. Hopefully Tiger will take this as an opportunity to get the psychological and substance abuse treatment he needs without feeling like he has to hide anything or explain anything to the public.

    • lannyh says:

      I guess the breathalyzer refusal stuff was just Fake News. Lots of that going around. I need to go read that actual arrest report. I’ve just been scanning articles.

      • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

        Based on how I took it, he refused the breathalyzer on site, which lead to the arrest, but then took it a couple hours later at the police station.

      • lannyh says:

        Oh, could be. I can’t imagine they were going to let him go, anyway, breathalyzer or not.

        Seems like the media (and many others) have already declared him an opioid addict. Nicklaus said he “needs our help” or somesuch. You wouldn’t say that if you believed it was a one-off prescription mixup. Maybe the Florida golf grapevine, after years of silence/coverup, is starting to liven up.

      • Kris says:

        Based on how disoriented and “droopy” he was at the time, he might not have been capable of exhaling for 7 seconds straight on command. Also, it was probably obvious to the cops that whatever he was on wasn’t alcohol, so he was going to have to be taken in anyway. The breathalyzer at the police station was just protocol by that point, because a reading almost 2 hours after the fact is pretty much meaningless. This is all pure speculation, though.

      • lannyh says:

        Reading that long report was just plain depressing. He was completely out of it. I wonder how he got the car damage. They are going to need to find out. Did he know where he was going? He told them he wasn’t going anywhere, he just liked to drive, but his comments were far from consistent or sensible.

      • Kris says:

        I don’t think he was going anywhere. I think he was in a state of drug-induced sleepwalking and was driving as part of a dream/hallucination he was having. I’m curious to know how he damaged his car, too. This is all so disturbing and sad.

      • lannyh says:

        Where was he when he got into the car?

        The car damage means there is more to the story. Somewhere. I wonder if he went anywhere public on Sunday, or if he was at one or more private residences. Or just at home until he took his unfortunate drive.

        I read this thing the other day about a local (I think) kid who was on opiods and died when they bought something that was 100(!) times stronger than heroin. They didn’t know and overdosed. If Woods was buying the stuff, he might have had to buy it illegally because after the Michael Jackson thing where they went after a doctor, they might want to avoid famous people. I don’t know, I’m just speculating. I read, maybe here, that you can build up a tolerance for the pleasurable aspects of the opioids which drives you to take bigger and bigger doses which pushes you over the line eventually.

  5. Kyle says:

    Interesting that the police report makes no mention of back surgeries, but listed his others. Of course, this is based on what Tiger told the officer, but it’s an odd thing to forget. Unless he was reliving 2013 in his sleep or something.

    • lannyh says:

      Good catch. Kind of odd, but then he thought he was driving back from L.A. You know… if this is relatively new, you’d think he’d have associated the drugs with his back. Does this mean he associates them with his knee injuries? (I am starting to sound like MSNBC “analyzing” Trump’s “Russia scandal.”)

  6. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    I wasn’t looking for it, instead stumbling across it, so I don’t recall where it was, but the report said TW had 4 different drugs in his system. That’s no bueno.

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