Saturday Colonial Semi Live Blog

5:40 pm Update

I had three horses in the running today, and not one of my nags is within striking distance as they round the final turn.  If Webb stumbles, they might have a chance, but I can’t bring myself to root against a class guy like Webb.

As for Graeme, he had his traditional bad weekend round.  Started off par-par-bogey-bogey-bogey.  So he parred the two easy starting holes, then bogeyed the entire Horrible Horseshoe.  That’s pretty much the worst start possible without a double or other.  Give him credit for fighting back, but you really need to take advantage of Nos. 1 and 2 at Colonial, and Graeme has failed to do that this week.  As for the Horrible Horseshoe, he has gone -1, +2, +3.   This trend heading into tomorrow is troubling.

4:03 pm Update

Total Bullshit

Every freaking year, we miss coverage of the leaders on No. 5.  The fifth hole at Colonial is acknowledged as one of the top holes in the entire world, yet, year after year after year, we do not get coverage of that critical hole.  Today we got a freaking pre-recorded NFL player arm wrestling contest that literally no one in the entire world gave a shit about.  I’d rather have watched an infomercial.

I’m tweeting Sir Nick about this.

2:55 pm Update:  I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad CBS is showing this wonderful arm wrestling reality show with NFL players instead of the Horrible Horseshoe at Colonial.  Really fascinating stuff.  Maybe tomorrow they can show NBA teams playing pinochle.

Morning: This is shaping up to be a great tournament on one of the world’s premier courses.  Forecast today is for 96 degrees in Fort Worth, so keep that in mind if you are watching on television.  Humidity will be over 50 percent, meaning a 2 pm tee time is no bargain.  (They are facing a heat index reading of 108.)

Jon Rahm is the new DJ.  The announcers go on and on and on about him, trying to turn him into a “star.”  However, I just don’t care that much about him.  Nothing against him.  He’s pleasant and interesting enough in interviews, but so is pretty much every player on Tour.  DJ has now become something of a star, but let’s talk about how he did it: meltdown at Pebble Beach; the sand at Whistling Straits; 72nd green at Chambers Bay; major redemption; hot streak; OWGR #1.  In other words, he earned it.  The old-fashioned way.  Like Smith Barney.  (Does anyone even remember those old John Houseman commercials?)

One other comment about Rahm.  It’s certainly interesting that he is using driver off of so many tees.  I hope we get full coverage of No. 5 today.  In year’s past, the leaders seem to play that hole during the thirty-minute “blackout” during the GC-to-CBS transition.

Recall that I sent OWGR an email asking for a response to my question about the annoying scroll.  For the record, they never replied.  Further proof of devolution in the working world.  Not even a shallow, “We’ll take a look.”  And of course not, “Indeed it’s stupid. We’re in the process of removing it.  Thanks.”  No.  And don’t even think about witty repartee with an amusing, humorous defense.  I am no longer surprised when the world is found lacking; rather I am shocked when it is not.

More Asian Bias:  Si Woo Kim laid an egg on No. 9 yesterday.  It started with a shanked greenside bunker shot into the water.  He has to go to the other side of the pond to hit and proceeds to rinse his pitch shot.  He hits again and puts the ball on the green.  He then tosses his wedge into the middle of the pond.  One would expect to see headlines featuring Sea Woo Kim or Si Woes Kim or See Kim’s Woes.  One would expect ESPN and Fox Sports to run footage over and over and over.  Instead, it’s crickets and tumbleweeds.  The American sports media’s motto: Ignore the Asians.

I’ve always said Graeme McDowell’s game was a perfect match for Colonial and was always disappointed that he skipped the event.  The announcers yesterday said his friends were telling him the same thing as me, so he finally relented and is playing this year — and playing well.  He started horribly yesterday with pars on the first two holes (which are rather easy), and then a double on the third (which is decidedly not easy).  He righted the ship by parring the rest of the Horrible Horseshoe, then on the back nine he had six pars and three birdies to put himself back into the hunt.  He needs two good rounds on the weekend.  He’s struggled to finish lately — with a poor weekend round inevitably sending him plummeting down the leaderboard — but this is a course where he could get the job done.  Graeme’s name would make a fine addition to the Wall of Champions.  (I believe it was said during the broadcast yesterday that Graeme had previously skipped the Colonial due to contractual commitments to play the BMW event in Europe.)

With Jordan and Sergio also near the top of the leaderboard, and with Colonial as the venue, today’s round has the feel of a major.

Over the years, millions of people have wondered what Lanny H looks like.  Most picture Lanny as a matinee idol with flowing golden locks, holding a golf club aloft after another successful shot.  Something like this:


That’s Johan Carlsson of the European Tour, but the resemblance is uncanny.

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4 Responses to Saturday Colonial Semi Live Blog

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    Can’t really root against Webb either but I’ll be pulling more for Paul Casey tomorrow.

    And, I finally ran into a person, on a face to face basis, that agrees with you about the corporate name stuff! Not that I don’t agree, I just don’t get as up in arms as you do but, this guy, after failing miserably to “correctly” call this event the Dean & Deluca Invitational….he paused a second as I pronounced it for him and he then followed up with, “I think I’ll just call it the Colonial.”

    • lannyh says:

      Cool. I think we only need three and it qualifies as “a movement.” That’s if I remember my “Alice’s Restaurant” correctly. I have to admit it truly does annoy me, as a golf/sports fan. The other day I remarked that we could just as easily have the JP Morgan Yankees and Texaco Cowboys and Coca-Cola Falcons. It cheapens golf to call the L.A. Open the “Genesis.” And if, three months from now, someone says, “The Dean and Deluca was a great tourney,” I won’t have any idea what event they mean.

      Between the Farmers Insurance Open, Internet rollover ads, marketing calls, television and radio commercials, billboards — well, I’m about ready to toss out capitalism and give communism a try.

      I guess it’s like anything else: there are always those — and I mean ALWAYS — who take a good thing so far they ruin it.

      Every time I looked up, Casey was sticking a pin. He was part of the “field” I was mildly rooting against to help Jordan, Serg, and Graeme.

  2. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    As I watch some of the replay, I find myself seeing a different course than what I feel like I was picturing pre-tournament, and what I see makes me think I had a different course in mind. I.e. the course looks better than what I had in mind. Still not ready to put it in my top 5 but it’s certainly better than what I was thinking before the tournament started.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, cool. If you watch again today, you’ll move it to number one, I feel certain. I found a pretty cool link about the course yesterday; I’ll post that in today’s Semi Live if I can relocate it.

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