Sunday Byron Nelson Semi Live Blog


All the makings are in place for a barn-burner finish today.  Can’t wait.  Jason Day two back, Sergio and Cauley (who salvaged yesterday’s round after losing three strokes in two holes) are only four back.  If the leaders stumble even a little, it opens up the tournament for a lot of players.  If Hahn or Horschel win, that’ll be okay, too.  Both have good stories.  I’m a real fan of Hahn — who quit golf at one point and was selling shoes.  DJ is probably too far back; he would have to pass 18 players who are up to six shots ahead.  The course is  not difficult enough for a 62 to pass everyone.

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3 Responses to Sunday Byron Nelson Semi Live Blog

  1. Kris says:

    Bud Cauley fell off the face of the earth for a few years, so it’s nice to see him contending again. Jason Day is finally getting back in the swing of things after his mom’s cancer was successfully treated. I say Day probably has the best chance of winning because he’s in a good head space and has no pressure to do anything but finish well. It’s fun to see the Tiger-loving media doing an about-face and praising Sergio. Apparently Sergio and Monty are both Texans now. It won’t be long before a picture surfaces of them bow hunting together. I don’t see Sergio shooting another Sunday 78, but I don’t see him doing much better than maintaining his top 10 position, either. It should be a fun day.

    • lannyh says:

      Much of the back nine yet to go, but it looks like good calls on Sergio and Day. Would take something pretty odd for one of the breakaway three not to win at this point.

      • Kris says:

        Welp, I jinxed both Jason and Sergio, lol. Sunday 74 to drop to T20 for Sergio and a playoff loss for Jason. I’m happy for Horschel, though. *singing* I love winners when they cry *singing*

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