Friday Byron Nelson Semi Live Blog

5:06 pm

Jordan swings twice, misses cut.  Two consecutive OB tee shots.  On No. 16.  The hole I was so incredulous that Poulter could have gone out of bounds yesterday.  The announcer today agreed with me, saying that, until Spieth today, he didn’t think he’d ever seen a ball hit OB over there.  The fairway is wide, then there is a wide rough with trees in it.  Jordan hit two in a row into somebody’s backyard.  Incredible.  He likely won’t make the cut now.  He went from two inside, to on the cut line, to two outside with two errant swings.  Cauley will be my rooting interest this weekend.  Sergio is eight back, but only four out of third, so he’s in the hunt, barring Kokrak staying hot and running away from the field.

4:45 pm

Jordan “Mister Bogey” Spieth playing like crap, but Bud Cauley is putting together another good round.  In a lot of ways, I think this tourney is DJ’s to lose.  I say that because I don’t see any holes on the course giving him much.  Two bogies in two days, one on a par 3.  The other was on No. 10.  Can’t imagine what happened there other than a poor drive putting him behind a mesquite resulting in a missed green.  By the way, one of Jordan’s bogies was a three-put from 29-feet, with a miss from 3-1/2 feet.

Jordan just birdied No. 10, so there’s hope yet.

2:04 pm

Jordan birdies first hole!  Sits T15.  GC will begin coverage in… a couple of hours.  Seriously.  No idea why so late.  Great comeback round by Sergio this morning; I guess he’s not so tired as I speculated.


  • I wonder if Sergio is running out of gas.
  • How the heck did Poulter double No. 16?  That may be the easiest hole on the course.  The answer —  that he hit his tee shot out of bounds — raises another question: How the heck did Poulter hit his tee shot out of bounds on No. 16?  That means his ball wound up in somebody’s back yard.
  • Thanks for all the great help in finding shoes/steel spikes.  What a great help are my readers.
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