Assorted, Including Thursday Byron Nelson Semi Live Blog

Lanny and Poulter:  Just read Poulter tried to send a tweet to Brandel Chamblee (defending himself against ignorant Chamblee commentary) only to find he was blocked.  I’m in good company!  I was blocked for pointing out Tiger Woods could not “go back to the Butch swing” due to injury — and that Woods himself made that absolutely clear!  But Chamblee wasn’t going to let fact get in the way of his narrative, so he blocked me.

Asian Bias Followup:   In the golf world, there are very few players one is allowed to criticize.  Tiger Woods was one of the slowest players on Tour, but there was a hands-off policy towards him.  Which player, in contrast, was constantly blasted for slow play?  Kevin Na, an Asian.  Of course, then there is the women’s Tour, where clearly the announcers favor big Nordic women.

Help:  I need golf shoes with steel spikes.  I need them not for golf, but for working on hilly terrain.  I assume I can buy golf shoes and switch out the spikes, but I have no idea which replacement spikes fit what shoes, etc.  I pulled the steel spikes from one pair and tried to put them on another pair, but they were different sizes?  If someone could tell me which steel spikes would fit a new pair of Footjoys, that would be very helpful.  (Steel spikes can be hard to find, but I do see them on eBay.)

The Byron Nelson:  I’ll be sad in many regards to see this tournament move, but it is probably necessary.  This year and next does it for Las Colinas.  The Byron Nelson-Colonial fortnight used to be the heart of the Texas Swing, but the Houston Open seems to have eclipsed either of those events, and with the addition of the WGC Matchplay in Austin and the Doral moving to Mexico City, the Nelson and Colonial don’t have much of a “swing” feel at all.  The Tex-Mex Swing has superseded not just the Florida Swing, but the old DFW Texas Swing as well.

Sad Music News:  Chris Cornell dead at age 52.

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2 Responses to Assorted, Including Thursday Byron Nelson Semi Live Blog

  1. DanishDude says:

    Poulter was blocked by Chamblee a long time before their recent feud. Your apparent infatuation with Poulter is really quite incomprehensible – on so many occasions, he has demonstrated what a totally spoiled twat he is.

    Really sad news re. Chris Cornell. Probably one of the best voices in rock ever.

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