Sunday PLAYERS Semi Live Blog

7:05 pm  Si Woo Kim gets it done!  Youngest PLAYERS champ in history!

3:50 pm

I’m liking this leaderboard, except for Sergio, who fell off a cliff.  Poulter is my preferred winner, but Si Woo Kim would be good, too.

2:00 pm

Looks like Sergio and Cantlay are the next feature group for the stream.  I believe I’ll stay with this a while before moving to NBC.  I can do without the opening scene-setting nonsense.  Maybe Sergio can get a couple of early birdies.

12:50 pm

Rory and Jason Day in some bonus coverage now at the link just below.

10:50 am

I had Live From on for a while, but I don’t pay attention to it.  It’s just background noise, and not very good at that (what with all the loud commercials).  I found this link for live streaming FREE coverage of Mickelson and Westwood.  They might not be in contention, but it is a good way to get the feel of the course.  They are currently on hole No. 10.  I prefer this low-key streaming coverage, to be honest.  They stay with the group between shots, so you get a sense of continuity, like when you play a round yourself.

Mickelson hitting a provisional.  Looks like his shot hung up in a palm tree.  Wind “just starting to pick up.”

6:45 am

Insult To Injury:  There was a secondary cut yesterday.  Eleven players bit the dust, with scores ranging from 77 to 82.  Tidy field now with only 71 players remaining.

Just Wonderin’:  Why does the PGA Tour wait until shortly before the first group goes off to show tee times on the scoreboard?  Is there some drawback to doing so earlier?  It’s much more convenient to have all the information in one place, rather than pull up a separate page for tee times.

6:00 am

Sergio would make a great winner.  So would Poulter.  Then there’s the young Grillo and the even younger Si Woo Kim (who would smash the youngest-to-win mark).  Nothing against Oostie, Kyle Stanley, or J.B. Holmes, but they are more of the “interloper” (I love that term from Dan Hicks) variety for me.  I certainly will not pull against them, as today is just outright huge for them, and they all have compelling stories in their own right, but I lean towards some of the other contenders.

I’ll make this prediction:  Three guys in the top ten will shoot 75 or higher.  There were 23 such scores yesterday, and these blowup rounds seem randomly distributed throughout the field; they can hit anyone.  If the wind is up and the pins are tough, I would raise the number to 76.

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