HORRIBLE NEWS: FedEx Extends Sponsorship

I felt certain the FedEx Cup would end this year, but, alas, FedEx just inked a deal with the PGA Tour for the next ten years.  What this means:

  • American golf announcers will continue to prattle on incessantly about “FedEx Cup standings” instead of the PGA Tour money list or OWGR rankings, both of which are actually meaningful.
  • Idiotic “golf playoffs” remain.  Honestly, fans need to boycott until there is either a true playoff format or, at least, they change the terminology.  The problem is, the PGA Tour is the players, basically, so when they make deals, money for players is priority one.  Compare them to auto union workers in the 60’s and 70’s, where we saw money-grabbing lead to the end of the American automobile hegemony.
  • Top players will continue to play fall tournaments, resulting in fans watching football rather than golf, the continuing nothingness of participating events (the Western Open was once a big event; now it’s a fungible “playoff” event), continued pressure on the West Coast swing.
  • Holy Shit!  From Golf Channel website: “According to sources, the clause will keep players from participating in the season-long race if they have endorsement deals with one of FedEx’s competitors.”  “‘All I’m going to say on that front is when you’re in business with someone for 30 years, and you’re about to commit to 10 more, you do some things to protect each other on a long-term basis,’ commissioner Jay Monahan said.”  I didn’t think it would be possible to find someone worse than Tim Finchem, but the PGA Tour seems to have done it.  Is this even legal?  Like I said above, the PGA Tour is really just a union of players, so I suppose they are voluntarily agreeing.  Still, what if the son of the UPS chairman joined the Tour in the future?  He’d be banned from a sponsorship?  I don’t know, would they say, “Go play the European Tour”?  I think you could make a court case, but I’m not sure anyone cares enough to do so.
  • Some readers have over the years called for a world golf tour.  Today I join them.

A few perhaps-related comments:

  • We hear all about the wonderfulness of globalism when it comes to cheaper labor, skirting environmental laws, better products for consumers, etc., but try (if you are American) to subscribe online to one of the British sports television networks.  You can’t.  You’re are limited by law to U.S. networks.  When it comes to globalism, what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.
  • I often rail about tournament names making golf look like a scene from Idiocracy.  (Wiki has the L.A. Open listed under “L.A. Open,” which is heartening.  I guess they got fed up with no one knowing how to locate tournaments.)  The Genesis?  Yeah, that’s a true golf tradition.  I would like to see a sponsor support a tournament for at least ten years before claiming the name.  (Actually, I would like it never to happen, but at least let’s put in some minimum number of years.)
  • Along these same lines, if you are going to forego the San Diego Open for the Farmers Insurance Open, etc., why couldn’t you do the same with sports teams’ home cities?  The AT&T Cowboys.  The MetLife Giants.  The Hard Rock Dolphins.  And on and on.  The Cowboys played in the Cotton Bowl for 11 years.  Then Texas Stadium for 38 years.  Next was Cowboys Stadium for four years, before being renamed to AT&T Stadium.  The Hawaii Open is the Sony Open, the San Antonio Open is now the Valero Texas Open, why shouldn’t the Dallas Cowboys be the AT&T Cowboys?
  • I mentioned I had new equipment.  In the move, I seem to have lost my WordPress dictionary.  When writing about golf for seven or eight years, you add a bunch of words to a spelling dictionary: Spieth, Nicklaus, Dufner, Turnberry, Valero, etc.  It seems right now every other word I type is being flagged.  I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that such a dictionary would be tied to an account rather than a PC.  Wish me luck as I begin my quest to recover it.
  • I have not (yet?) heard back from OWGR regarding their distracting and useless scroll.
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2 Responses to HORRIBLE NEWS: FedEx Extends Sponsorship

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    Well, looks like Oosty and Westy won’t be seeing the playoffs (there are others but those jump out right away).

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