Playoff! Monday Morning Live Blog

Wrap:  The clock read “9:27” when Cameron Smith’s putt sank.  Put a “1” in front of that and you get “1927,” a sports year forever stamped with “New York Yankees.”  Will history prove this new team of Smith and Blixt to be the equal of that team of yore?   The Blixt Bombers, perhaps?

I like Cameron Smith’s introverted demeanor.  A nice change of pace in a sports world dominated by idiots who “celebrate” after meaningless sacks in football games when their team is losing 49-3.  (Or how about the guys who celebrate/taunt/whatever by dropping the ball BEFORE actually crossing the end zone line?)  You know, Anna Sorenstam, when young, used to intentionally miss putts on the final green so she wouldn’t have to face the interviews!

I was watching yesterday during the rain delay when a CBS woman interviewed Smith and Blixt, and Smith said that that was the most nervous he’d been all week.  So refreshing in a world where 99 percent of Americans want to “star” in a reality show and have cameras showing their every action and word.  Not only do they want it, but they feel deprived/slighted because they don’t.  Because their egos are a bit out of touch with reality…

Yeah, I’m a Cameron Smith fan, for sure.

My new favorite players rankings:

  1. Cameron Smith
  2. In Gee Chun
  3. Rory McIlroy
  4. Jordan Spieth
  5. Rickie Fowler (he can be higher, depending on my mood)

[Chris DiMarco used the word “enormity,” which means “sickeningly horrible” when he intended to convey “large in magnitude.”  You don’t have to be Shakespeare to be on TV, but at least don’t be the class dunce.  Then, not five minutes into the post-game, DiMarco is talking about Tiger Woods.  Buh-bye!]

9:27 am: Young Cameron Smith and Jonas Blixt prevail in epic playoff battle.

9:48 am: Another halve of No. 18.  On to the third playoff hole, the 9th, a par-3.  Great drama.  Worth the drive to the course for fans.

9:25 am: Misses.  And it’s on to the second playoff hole!

9:24 am: Cameron Smith with a putt to win…

9:00 am:  Here we go!

8:00 am:  One hour until tee off!

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