Horrible Media: Right Wing Imbecile Edition

So I see this headline: “Chelsea Can’t Take A Joke, Dumps On ‘SNL’ Star’s Line About Hillary Losing.”  Saturday Night Live taking a jab at Hillary instead of Trump?  No way.

I bite and follow the link.  The SNL woman introduced six women, one of whom was Chelsea, then said, paraphrasing, “What they have in common is that none of them have a mother who is president.”  Draws some chuckles and groans.  A pretty standard “surprise twist” joke.

Chelsea’s reply, again paraphrasing, wrapping up her own speech, “None of our mothers may be president now, but one day someone’s mother will be.”  A cute little comeback to the original joke.  So cute in fact that I immediately thought, Oh, the whole thing was a setup, it was scripted to give Chelsea that cute zinger line.

So, I’m left thinking that the headline was totally misleading, that the whole thing sounded like something planned ahead of time and coordinated with Chelsea.  The same writers wrote both lines, you can be sure.  Daily Caller’s intentionally bogus headline is pretty standard with the lousy state of media today.

Next — what was I thinking? — I read the comments to see if anyone had already pointed out what I noticed.  Oh, boy.  All I saw was childish viciousness, not one word of which could be called wit.  Daily Caller reeled in a ton of readers/commenters by playing them for fools.  Which, one quickly deduces from reading the comments, they are.

The state of media is really bad these days.  Yesterday I saw a headline, also on Daily Caller, “You won’t believe what Michael J. Fox’s ex-wife looks like.”  I didn’t even know he got divorced.  I wiki’ed him and found that he hadn’t.  Apparently, the old “You won’t believe what so-and-so looks like now” routine isn’t bringing enough clicks, so now they combine it with false information.

Oh, by the way, lots of people are wondering why ESPN has not fired Britt McHenry as part of their bloodletting yesterday.  (That is the article that led me to Daily Caller in the first place.  Check it out and review the video where McHenry savages the working woman for her weight, lack of education, where she lives, shitty job, bad teeth, you name it.)   How in the world is this woman still working?  Fire Dottie Pepper, keep Britt McHenry.  ESPN deserves every bad thing that happens to them.  A total trash organization.  (With the exception of those who work college football, of course!)

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