ESPN to Lay OFF 100 On-Air Employees — Here’s my wish list.

  • Britt “Lose some weight, baby girl” McHenry
  • Ray “Bloody Clothes” Lewis — Oh, wow, he was released last year… nevermind…
  • Tom Jackson and Chris Berman are already gone, so no others spring to mind.  Some would suggest Stephen A. Smith, but I’m quite a fan of his.  He is one of the few who would speak the obvious about Woods’s decline five or more years ago.
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2 Responses to ESPN to Lay OFF 100 On-Air Employees — Here’s my wish list.

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    I view Stephen A. a little like I view Trump. I don’t so much have an issue with what he says. My issue is more with how he chooses to say it. That’s not to say I think he should be more PC. Just seems like there are ways to communicate your point without being “in your face” with it (obnoxious and loud).

    • lannyh says:

      Truthfully, I don’t know enough about Stephen A. Smith to opine about him deeply as I’ve only watched online replays when I saw a news item about him discussing Woods. When it comes to Trump, I totally agree, though with me it’s not so much the “in your face” aspect as the idiotic comments about things that don’t matter. (My inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s — when it was about half or whatever.)

      About ESPN, I honestly never watch them other than college football on fall Saturdays (which I watch from sunrise to midnight). I suppose I catch the stray golf event they host (or did in the past) or maybe a Friday Night Boxing from time to time, but I don’t watch baseball, basketball (pro or college), or MNF unless there’s a huge game (and there isn’t any more). SportsCenter and the like are just unwatchable. They make Morning Drive look like the Algonquin Round Table.

      In the last few years, I’ve realized I’m no longer a “sports fan.” I like golf and college football. The NFL if Dallas or some “story” is doing well.

      Oh, I’m no fan of NBC’s family of channels as they are obscenely biased politically. However, their sports channel with NHL and the English Premier League soccer… I watch those frequently. So maybe there’s still a little “sports fan” left in me. Part of that reason is the commercials are limited during action in both those sports, and the announcing is more subdued, less hyped.

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