Guest Column From Kris

[We present a short guest piece from Kris.  Links will be provided at the bottom.]

In the escapist world of golf, Rory is getting hitched tomorrow, Tiger had a fusion surgery that will probably improve his quality of life while simultaneously hindering his golf game, and Ian Poulter lost his PGA tour card. Also, Shane Ryan said on he’s working on an article, with evidence, suggesting Justin Rose let Sergio Garcia win the Masters out of pity.

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4 Responses to Guest Column From Kris

  1. lannyh says:

    Great post! I knew none of that stuff!

    I knew Poulter was on the verge of losing his card, but it’s sad to know it has happened. Woods gets another operation and I don’t even hear about it? Even though I watched quite a bit of cable news this past week? Rory getting married is great news for me. By June, maybe his life will be settled so that he can win the U.S. Open at Erin Hills. (Note to self: Tweet to Rory that he and J.P. can’t use a pull-cart there.)

    I should make a comment about my NPR article. I sent a link to that article to the author of the NPR piece. Doing so rather than leaving a comment or sending a simple tweet allows me to make a “real” response with quotes, links, analysis, etc. Instead of, “You suck, you’re stupid.” Or even you leave a comment, it will be surrounded by such idiocy. The author of this particular NPR piece, I’m disappointed to say, did not respond. Although, truth be told, she had no response other than, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

    Anyway, thanks for all the golf news. Now if only you could tell me who won last week. I heard Dufner was in the mix.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I think Shane Ryan’s theory, if that is indeed his thinking, is hogwash. If you let someone win — and I’m not talking about little kids or that kind of thing — you would tarnish their victory. As badly as I wanted Tom Watson to win, not Stewart Cink, I wanted Cink trying to the best of his ability. And you can be double damn sure, Watson did.

    I’ll keep an eye out for the Shane Ryan piece. I’m a fan, but not being a friend/comrade, I don’t have to color my criticism, if that’s what it turns out I have. (I’m the only golf analyst who doesn’t seek a golf writing tribe; I think Mr. Elling hung the moon, but I have blasted him many times. That’s why this is the Only Golf Website That Matters.) Ryan may think this is a necessary undertaking to get his name back in the public eye. Last I checked, if I remember, he had pretty much become a cookie-cutter political commentator (in tweets and on his website) of the leftist bent. Good luck with that; there are only about five million of them, and most of the famous ones won beauty pageants when they were in their youths. But, hey, maybe he really has something. Maybe Putin made Rose do it.

    • Kris says:

      Thanks for the guest column. I’m tickled pink. You’ve probably discovered by now that Wesley Bryan of Bryan Brothers trick shot fame won the Heritage. Dufner was leading for a short while, but imploded with terrible putting. I might be a dunce, but I don’t get the Rory/JP pull-cart reference. It’s a shame the NPR writer didn’t respond to you. Maybe she doesn’t click links or maybe you’re right and she’s just ashamed of herself.

      Shane Ryan made it pretty clear with his “Slaying the Tiger” book that he’s trying to get attention by being mildly controversial. Here’s the link to his tweet talking about his potential column: The whole conversation is interesting. It started because of an article asking if Sergio is Hall of Fame worthy. I doubt Ryan’ll actually write the “Rose let him win” article because it’s too controversial. It would paint Rose, Garcia and himself all in a negative light. I am curious to know what his “evidence” is, though.

      • lannyh says:

        I had no idea that one of the trick shot guys was good enough to even come close to pro golf, much less win a PGA Tour event. That’s pretty wild! I still hate trick shot videos, but I admit a newfound respect.

        Maybe his evidence is 40 proof. Okay, I just read the tweet. It might be a joke misfire. Who knows.

        Oh, about Erin Hills, you try should reading my columns some time… Erin Hills, a British links knockoff, has a ban on pull-carts — while pull-carts are allowed all over the U.K., including a little place called St. Andrews.

      • Kris says:

        Ah, I see about the pull-cart. I thought there was a specific story involving Rory and JP I was missing. I definitely think married life will treat Rory well, especially since he understands why it works with Erica when it didn’t with Caroline.

        I thought Shane Ryan was joking at first, but the wording made me think he might be serious. After going through his timeline and seeing that he was rabidly rooting for Sergio, I think it was definitely a joke.

        Wesley Bryan did it the hard way. He played mini-tours until he had enough money to pay for q-school. He finished 9th in q-school in 2015, then won 3 times by August of 2016 and was automatically promoted to the PGA Tour. He got his maiden victory in less than 20 starts. He also looks perpetually happy and evil, so I liked him immediately.

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