Masters Semi Live Blog — Thursday

8:00 pm:  What a great broadcast.  Sir Nick really called it with Rory on No. 12.  Rory was +3 and facing a missable par putt.  Nick said he needed to sink it and get birdies on the par-5’s and try to sneak in another.  Rory’s turnaround really saved the tourney for me.  I missed Jordan’s nine; I heard about it when an announcer mentioned it while someone else struggled on the hole.  Ouch.  I normally don’t care one way or the other if DJ plays, but I was really looking forward to see how he did this year at Augusta.  He’s been such an awesome force this year.  Of course, once he hurt his back, he wasn’t going to be 100 percent, so I suppose it’s just as well he didn’t try to force.  Anyway, I thought the coverage was great today.  Conditions were tough, but evenly distributed.  What a day by Charlie Hoffman!  Funny commentary when Sir Nick said 10 of last 11 winners were no more than four shots back after day one.  Nantz said that means either Hoffman or McGirt will win this one then.

1:20 pm:  I hate to comment on any good scores as things are so volatile.  E not a bad score at all.  Pieters just went bogey-double to surrender a three-stroke lead.  I’m watching Amen Corner action online.  Looks like the scoreboard is a half hour behind right now, which is crummy.  I’ve been out of touch, but plan to be there for all of the ESPN action.  I don’t think I’ll trash talk because this is just too darn important.  I haven’t heard one way or the other about DJ.  These Amen Corner announcers will let us know when his tee time arrives.  Or maybe it’s already know he is playing, in which case there wouldn’t be anything to announce.  I’ve been out of touch since early in today’s action.

Rickie moves into the Amen Corner camera range and promptly bogeys No. 11.

6:40 am:  Pro golfers should be thanking Rory McIlroy for making them rich.  The U.S. Open paid Rory $1.44 million for spectacularly winning in 2011.  Now winning pays a staggering $2.16 million!  Thanks, Rory!

6:10 am:  Gary Williams announces that Dustin Johnson was the “prohibitive favorite” prior to his back injury.  What is wrong with American media?  Does Williams not know the difference between “slight favorite” and “prohibitive favorite”?  Why do they feel the need to exaggerate?

I find amusing the Jordan Spieth commercial where he marks his spot in the checkout line, but I’m not sure I like the idea of the PGA having stores.

I forgot to write my Open Letter to Tiger Woods, so I’ll just spill the beans.  I’m planning to ask him to devote the rest of his life to rolling back the golf ball, to standardizing balls and clubs.  He has the financial wherewithal not to worry about alienating the equipment manufacturers.

5:30 am:  0.77 inch yesterday, 0.16 since midnight.  Now little chance of any rain — for the entire tournament.  Looking good!  Morning Drive starts in thirty minutes.  They’ll have the latest, but I feel certain everything will be 100 percent on schedule.

From “Six-time champion Jack Nicklaus and three-time winner Gary Player are scheduled to serve as the Honorary Starters at 7:40 a.m. Thursday. For the first time, will offer a live broadcast of Chairman Payne’s welcoming remarks and the ceremonial drives.”  Here’s the link (for all their live video coverage).

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4 Responses to Masters Semi Live Blog — Thursday

  1. Kris says:

    DJ’s on the range. Scuttlebutt is he’s 75% but fine to play. I’m glad I was wrong about the weather. It’s windy enough to be interesting but not windy enough to be unfair or dangerous. Side note, I forgot how fantastic the masters shot tracker is.

  2. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    I only caught part of the interview with DJ but it sounded like he could technically play but it wasn’t at a level where he thought he could compete so he backed out.

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