Does it seem like Masters Eve?

And now Dustin Johnson is injured.

I’m not a huge DJ fan.  I can take him or leave him.  But I was really looking forward to seeing him coming into Augusta hitting on all cylinders.  He was going to have the brightest spotlight of his career, and now he has injured his back in a freak accident.

Par for the course, so to speak.  This year, the event just seems jinxed.  For one thing, the azaleas.  Cosmetic, sure, but it’s a little bit like forgetting to bring makeup to a Miss America contest.

The biggest hindrance to building pre-tournament excitement has been, for people across the South and Midwest, the stormy spring weather the past week.  Today was just plain awful, as witnessed by Augusta National shutting down the course.  No par-3 contest at all.  I believe they said that was the first time ever that at least some players didn’t complete the event.

Augusta may have dodged the worst of the weather.  They got 1-1/4 inch of rain Monday and about 1/2 inch today.  That’s as I type, but it appears most of the rain is done.  They are not out of the woods yet, however, and additional rain in the wee hours is not out of the question.

The forecast is for a windy Thursday and Friday.  I don’t mind that as long as the conditions are the same each day.  I want a fair draw.  I don’t want to see any players eliminated by virtue of their assigned tee times.  The forecast is good, though, in that regard.

And the weekend looks perfect.  A great tournament would be a just result after what has been a trying run-up.

Here’s hoping DJ fully recovers overnight, and that the tee times are not pushed back even one minute.

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