Tuesday Thoughts

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So the news is that newly-retired Tony Romo will be replacing long-time No. 1 color man for CBS’s football coverage, Phil Simms.  Simms is 62 and some have reacted that it was bad to replace him with an inexperienced Romo.  Me, even though I’m around Simms’s age, I like the move.  Sports needs more intelligent and young/new commentary.

Here’s even cooler news, though.   Romo, a scratch golfer, may one day work on the CBS golf broadcast!  Romo once played with Tiger Woods in the Pebble Beach Pro Am — and won outright!

See the NY Post article for more details.

From the North Augusta Star:

I’ve gotten word from a couple of CBS guys that the pictures you may see in the background of some clips may be from last year. It will be different this year.

Due to the lack of azalea blooms.  Add “fake sports” to “fake news” for CBS?

Worth reading that entire piece, as it’s written by a guy who has not missed a Masters round since 1964!  Here it is.  (That article is great.  It’s by a guest columnist, which means he’s not just going through the motions.  Reminds me of the quality sports articles of my youth.)

  • I walked the borders of my estate this morning, and I must report my most magnificent blooming azaleas — which yearly dazzle passing motorists — were nothing but green bushes.  Upon closer inspection, I saw the remains of incipient buds which were stopped in their tracks by the untimely freeze.  But like a single ray of sun on a cloudy Easter morn, there was one small azalea bush, of a different variety, swimming against the current.  It was not large, but it was covered top-to-bottom by the brightest white blossoms imaginable.  A testament to the soul of spring.
  • I wonder what effect the blossom-blighted botany will have on allergies and bees this year.  Trees seem to be blooming normally, and full of bees, but overall the year in pollen will be lamentable.
  • It appears to me the weather in Augusta tomorrow may be wetter and more severe than predicted even 24 hours ago.  Expectations are lofty for the days following this storm system, but there is a real possibility that the ground crews will be cleaning debris come Thursday morning.
  • Whatever the severity of the conditions in Augusta tomorrow, Thursday and Friday are expected to be quite windy.  Here’s hoping all players are affected equally.  Too often, half the field plays with a four- or five-stroke handicap.
  • The weekend should be glorious — even if blossom-free.
  • It’s amazing the Masters was able to grow into such prominence given its dates guarantee it will be dodging storms almost every year.
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3 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. HennyB says:

    Not too bad. The amount of history this guy has witnessed is unbelievable! He’s had the pleasure of watching every great player from Hogan to Spieth up close and personal. Words cannot express how jealous I am of this guy.

  2. Kris says:

    Poor Dustin Johnson. I’ve fallen down stairs twice and not only was I in pain, I felt like a colossal dumbass. Hopefully he’s not really injured and he’ll be alright to play Thursday or Friday if play is suspended due to weather. I live 300 miles away, but it’s been storming like crazy tonight and we’re expected to have dangerously high winds tomorrow. I know Augusta has advanced technology, but it won’t stop fairways from getting mucky or trees/branches from blowing around trying to kill people. I’m curious to see what the scores are and who’s leading if they get any golf in tomorrow. I expect carnage.

    • lannyh says:

      I was writing a piece as you made this comment. The weather has been rough all over the South. It looks like Augusta will escape relatively unscathed, if nothing too bad develops overnight.

      You know, I had not even thought about branches potentially falling on patrons. A very valid concern. They are saying about 25 mph. That’s not horrible, so if there are no gusts, maybe it will work out okay. The wind will make things interesting for the players for sure. It’ll be a nice addition to the equation as long as all players see the same conditions an equal amount of the time.

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