Hangover Monday

Cruel Headline from Golf.com:

Tiger Woods, pros react to Lexi Thompson rules controversy

They no longer include Woods in the category of “pros.”

Who the heck wants to watch a replay of Drive, Chip, and Putt?  Not me.  I didn’t want to watch it live.  Won’t kids all be at school, anyway?  This is Masters Week, Golf Channel.  Get your act together.  If you want repeat programming, what about, I don’t know, the Dinah Shore Classic?

  • I feel hangover rotten this morning.  And I don’t drink.  It just now dawns on me that Lexi is all of 22 years old.  Turned 22 in February.  What a strange, strange day was yesterday.
  • Judy Rankin’s (correct me if I got the wrong person) comments about women and emotions were impressive and honest.  We live in a world where stating the obvious is sometimes considered heroic and brave.  She’ll be criticized, but I just read a while back somewhere… “I would rather have one Plato on my side than all the populace.”  (Now, where the heck did I read that?)
  • By the way, I’m male, but I tend to the emotional side myself.  I’m more like a teary-eyed Raymond Floyd in that regard.  Although, in the situation yesterday, I would have been teary at the supportive crowd and, had it worked out, in victory.  The delivery of the ruling, on the other hand, would have brought a torrent of cursing and a threat of walking off the course.  (Then instead of birdieing two of the next three, I would have made a snowman or two.)
  • At least Lexi already has one of these championships.  If not, it would have been near impossible to digest.  As it is, she’ll gain a legion of fans and fame.  (Had Jean Van de Velde won, I would not be able to recall his name.)  And the LPGA will get a lot of publicity.  Maybe not good publicity, but as long as they spell the initials right…
  • Karen Crouse of the New York Times reported: “‘For her to come back, I got goose bumps talking about it,’ said Suzann Pettersen, who tied for third. ‘It shows what character she has.'”  During the broadcast interview, Pettersen, a native of Norway, actually said, “It shows what a character she is.”  Maybe she tidied it up later; if not, more NY Times fake news…
  • The men’s major this week will be a major letdown after the craziness of the Dinah Shore.  I doubt I’ll even watch.  (Instead I’ll watch replays of the Dinah, to see if I can spot Ryu mis-marking a ball.)  But there is some good news from Augusta: The forecast has changed, and now it looks like two cloudy days followed by a perfect weekend.  Today and Wednesday might be a bit soggy, but the weather should be fine come tourney time.
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One Response to Hangover Monday

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    I thought I read/saw somewhere that the tours were going to disallow call-ins/email-ins. They can’t start this soon enough.

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