Saturday Thoughts

  • Would it be possible for Phil Mickelson to sink any lower?  We now learn Mickelson ran up a $2 million gambling debt, so he used illegal insider trading tips to make a windfall he could hand over to Billy Walters.  Or, put another way, Mickelson became a stooge for Walters, a soon-to-be convicted felon.
  • With these latest revelations about Mickelson and the well-known creepiness of the Woods scandal, well, didn’t the golf media do a wonderful job of choosing “icons” the past couple of decades?  And why the hell hasn’t Mickelson been suspended from the Tour?
  • Mickelson is not expected to testify in the trial because he would plead the fifth.  Why not make him do it?
  • I’m all-in for Rickie Fowler this weekend.  What a breath of fresh air he is after the likes of Mickelson and Woods.  Rickie sits one shot out of second, but seven(!) shots out of first.  Sorry, Sung, but I gotta root for you to fall back today.  (Although, if Sung Kang romps, the headlines would write themselves: “Sung Fu!” or “Kang Kong Levels Field!”  On the other hand, if it gets close after today’s round, tonight’s headline could be “Sung Fu Fighting.”)
  • I watched some of the LPGA event last night.  It’s the Dinah Shore, but you’d never know it from the tournament’s name.  I think it’s absolutely idiotic not to use her name to publicize the event.  The name of Dinah Shore isn’t relevant anymore?  Here’s a newsflash: It wasn’t relevant when I was a kid either!  Her name is synonymous with top-tier women’s golf.  Sort of like, oh, the Daytona 500 means stock car racing.  (Rename it the Unknown Company 500 and see how that helps with publicity.)  So, yeah, it’s just brilliant to trash Dinah Shore’s name for the freaking “ANA Inspiration.”  (Proud to say, I have no idea what ANA is.)
  • As for the Dinah Shore Classic itself, it’s hard to say who is winning as the second round is still underway this morning.  A quick summary might be:  Michelle Wie in the thick of it, with the back nine yet to play.  Lydia Ko and Charlie Hull both in clubhouse three off of the lead.  Many of the usual suspects on the first page.  In Gee Chun, my favorite golfer, is E and T45.  Not sure if the weather was a factor or not, but that’s a bit disappointing.  Stacey Lewis is at E, too, but still has nine holes to play.
  • Lucy Li, all of 14 years old now, is playing with Wie, so she has her back nine yet to complete.  She sits at -1 and T36.  Not too shabby!  Golf Channel is going to resume coverage this morning at 10:30 Eastern (7:30 local California time).
  • It’s sad that Golf Channel so clearly favors leggy blondes.  Put a tall, thin, flaxen-haired American or Nordic anywhere on the first page and that’s where the television cameras will be pointed.  It’s childish, really.  Just one more example of today’s lowbrow media.  When it comes to the media, clearly my denominator is too high.  (For what it’s worth, I find the petite Asian girls far cuter.)
  • Oh, wow, I totally forgot about the Tiger Woods “big news” until I heard Mark Rolfing on Golf Channel just now.  Rolfing tells us Woods is not playing because “he doesn’t think he can win.”  Yeah, uh huh, sure.  Woods would only play if he thought he could win.  Like in Dubai?  He thought he was going to win that one?  You really expect people to buy that hackneyed platitude?  Dude, Woods would play Augusta if he thought he could make the cut and remain upright for four rounds.  Or, let’s be honest, if he could miss the cut but at least beat a couple of the old timers.  Woods has sponsors to placate, after all.  It’s not 2001, know what I mean?
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3 Responses to Saturday Thoughts

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    Right or wrong, icons are designated as such largely because they win more than anyone else. In the last 20 years, Tiger and Phil are far ahead of anyone else in the W column and that trumps all the off the course stuff (for a lot of people anyway).

    Having said that, neither are doing much winning these days which is allowing younger blood like DJ, Rory, Jason, and Jordan to graduate to that icon role.

    • lannyh says:

      You gotta be kidding me. McIlroy has four majors at an age five years earlier than Mickelson won his first. And certainly there have been many winners the media didn’t/doesn’t lionize. (If you want an example, there’s one living on Pennsylvania Avenue right now.) The fact that you link Jason Day and Dustin Johnson (one major each) with Rory (four, and five years younger than DJ) is interesting.

      The media clearly ignored Rory in order to cling to their Woods narrative. Incredibly, they still do!

      But this is key: Woods and Mickelson both have had huge scandals and the golf media went into full denial every time.

      • ThreeWiggleExpert says:

        The two of them did have huge scandals but they did a whole bunch of winning prior to those scandals, even if, in Phil’s case, they weren’t necessarily majors.

        Day and DJ may only have 1 major, but they’ve done a fair amount of winning overall. I mean, heck, DJ has won the last 3 events he’s played to go along with his major last year and 3 overall wins in 2016.

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