Sunday Semi Live

No Idea (what this means), but it caught my attention.  TMZ on Tiger Woods.  If anyone gets their point/joke, let me in on it, please.

4:25 pm: As good as the morning matches were, the afternoon final is that awful.  Maybe Rahm can yet make it competitive, but I have a feeling DJ closes this one out early.

12:22 pm:  Good theater for sure!  I still have hope for my two!  I really like the visuals for this course.  Sure, I prefer Dove Mountain, still, but you play the hand you’re dealt.  The San Francisco course Rory won on was okay, too.  Maybe the thing they need is a rota.

I’m for Tanihara today.  Nothing against DJ; it’s not that I dislike him; I just don’t connect with him.  I don’t know anything about Tanihara other than he’s from Japan, and I’d like to see Japan win this WORLD Golf Championship Match Play.  Hideki has already proven Japan has an elite pro golfer, but I’d like to see some of the others get some wins, too.

I just read up on him…  38 years old, so this would be a magnificent crown for his career.  Married to one fabulous babe, an actress and former pop singer.  Gotta for this guy.

As for Haas and Rahm, I’m kind of for Haas.  Can he rise to the moment another time?  Nothing against Rahm, but all I know about him is that he’s a young Spaniard tearing up the PGA Tour this year.

Tanihara has played in ten majors in the past 14 years, three of them coming last year.  He seems to have, for most of his career, lurked around OWGR top 100 to top 200, only occasionally getting withing shouting distance of WGC fields.  (Looks like he’s played three of them, two coming in the most recent events.)  He began a solid rise around the end of 2015.  Plays the Japan Tour.  Shows as former PGA Tour player, and that looks like 2005.  Outside of that year, he has played the Japan Tour since 2002.  PGA Tour stats show his driving distance as 300 yards based on 16 drives, not enough to get a ranking.  Based on those 16 drives, he’s not a short hitter and would rank about 35 on the Tour list, about equal with J.B. Holmes and Jason Day.  I guess he has decent distance, so it’s not really the David vs Goliath matchup today (in terms of driving) I was thinking it might be.  Well, not any more so than any other pro player going up against DJ.

I’m working up some excitement about today’s matches, to be honest.  Win-or-go-home is so much better than the nonsense group BS of the first three days.  I am not that enthused about a “DJ Wins Again” headline, but it would add to the story of his great year.  Rahm winning would garner attention the way any Young Stud winning does.  Haas would be catching lightning in a bottle a second time.  But here’s hoping the story is the unknown, aging Japan Tour player lifting the trophy.

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