Thursday Live Blog

Morning Thoughts:

  • Jason Day reminds us real life exists.  He’s a good-natured guy who seems to get more than his share of life’s rainstorms.  People, especially on the Internet, often seem to forget real life.  I saw yesterday where some guy got arrested for sending an image to a guy to make him have a seizure.  Then he posted online that he hoped it killed the guy.
  • I’ve already lost interest in the event.  It’s the format.  I look at Spieth and McIlroy, and I figure them as probably gone, but who knows, maybe not, if-this-happens-and-that-happens.  So they exist in this land of limbo like shooting 80 in the first round of a no-cut tourney.  And there wasn’t really any drama yesterday, because if players lost, they weren’t truly eliminated, but they halfway were.  It’s a bad format.
  • Come Saturday (and Sunday), I’ll look at who remains, and I’ll pick a player or two to cheer for, assuming one or more of my favorites is still standing.  In the old days, I’d be able to do that today and Friday as well.
  • I almost forgot…  Watching last week’s event on Sunday, Rory hit a nice shot out of a fairway bunker, putting the ball close to the hole.  He also hit an intentional hook around a tree that rolled just off the back of the green.  We heard, “Not many out here could hit that shot.”  I chuckled, recalling the crazy comments the golf media once brought out when Tiger Woods hit such shots.  “No one else could hit that shot.” “No one else could even envision that shot!” “He hit that impossible shot TOO good!”  “We’ve never seen that shot before in the history of golf!”
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