Half-Hearted Time Travel Semi Live Blog of Match Play Selection Show

The convoluted title is my way of saying I completely forgot about the groupings show last night.  As luck would have it, I woke up this morning just as a replay is beginning.

The live audience seems like an improvement.  Brandel Chamblee is one of the two panelists, however, so that is a negative.  Rosaforte might be a decent foil.  Uh, no.  One of Rosaforte’s first sentences is about Tiger Woods.  Oh, no, Kara is live from a swimming pool on the UT campus or somesuch.  No idea why that is necessary.

The audience is wearing thin.  Michael Dell is on.  I like him; he created a real company.  Seven minutes in and they start picking.  Not bad at all.

This show is horrible.  Now Jordan Spieth has come out.  Hey, he’s not bad.  Makes funny remark about Ryan Moore.  Two Japanese in Jordan’s group, and neither is Matsuyama (nor Ryo Ishikawa).  Didn’t realize Japan, one of my very favorite nations, had become such a strong presence in pro golf.  Jordan is a good interview.  Relaxed and makes interesting, relevant golf points.  Next up is Rory, they say.

I’ll make coffee during the commercial break.

Frankly, I preferred the automatic matchup process.  The March Madness selection process is designed to make the seedings as true as possible.  This method takes true seedings and screws them up.

Rory gets a tough draw, if you ask me.  Rory on stage wearing what… an Air Nike t-shirt with “Nike” painted over.  Funny if that’s what it is.  GC puts a graphic over it, so who knows.  [Editor’s Note: It said “AIR MAX.”]

The American golf media makes way, way, way too much noise about the Ryder Cup.  While on the subject of too much noise, the word “gym” needs to be banned from the golf media.

I’ve lost interest, I must admit.  I guess it beats the 100,000th showing of “Tin Cup” or a block of Feherty reruns, but the commercials-to0substance ratio is way too low.

Tom Kite comes out.  Nice touch.  He was a classy player.  I was once standing around a tee box with some others at a tournament when Kite’s group arrived.  He made friendly, quiet small talk with us.

It dawns on me that there are going to be sixteen groups.  Life is too short for this crap.  Especially when (1) I don’t really care, and (2) I can look at the full pairings online because this is a replay.

Let’s be honest: I hate the new format.  Three days of crap, then win-or-go-home match play — with a good chance many of your favorite players are not playing.

I understand the challenges of the format, but if the U.S. is incapable of holding a proper match play event, move it to Europe.  They hold a regular true match play event every year.

Finchem took the greatest event in pro golf and ruined it — all because Phil Mickelson, an admitted inside trader and money-laundering gambler, whined.

The PGA Tour is falling apart faster than Tiger Woods’s body.  Thanks, Tim.  (Some of the falling apart is welcome; I still maintain the FedEx Cup “playoffs” are in their swan song season.)


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