Monday Morning Madness

What a day!

  1. Match Play Announcement Day — who will be in the Group of Death!
  2. Tiger Woods on Good Morning America!  Will he announce he’s playing Augusta!

Stay tuned!  [Editotial Note: I don’t know if the reveal drawing is this morning, noon, or night.  (It’s tonight, I just learned.)  I went to Golf Channel’s home page, and search for “match play.”  Got nothing.  The page was unreadable with gigantic photos taking up entire screens.  What garbage.  I went to Wiki, and it had empty brackets and said pool drawing was today, so at least we know it hasn’t taken place yet.  By the way, Finchem moved this event and changed the format because Mickelson was skipping it.  Well, this year, not playing: Henrik Stenson, Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Adam Hadwin and Rickie Fowler.  Four of the top thirteen players not playing.  This has got to be the weakest field ever!  Restore the original format!  Move it back to February and Dove Mountain!  Golf fans, stop buying the bullshite the Golf Powers shovel.]

Hey, by the way, I coined the term “Tex-Mex Swing.”  Google for that exact phrase and see what comes up.

  • Boorish move by admitted inside trader Phil Mickelson not to play in Arnie’s event.  Let’s hope Mickelson makes an early exit from the Match Play.  Oh, that’s right, Finchem changed the format so Mickelson could last more than one day.
  • Gutsy move by an ailing Tiger Woods to face the media on live big-time national television this morning.  Like Arnie — and unlike Mickelson — Tiger puts the fans first.  I hope he announces a Kindle price reduction for his new book, so I can buy it.
  • Hard to believe the Masters is only two weeks away.  Sadly, though, they’re going to have to start using plastic flowers before long — unless we do something to reverse man-caused Climate Change.  Fifty weeks a year, some of us cultivate our gardens for two amazing weeks of azalea blossoms in the spring.  Then we get stomped on by the the extravagant carbon footprints of a minority of selfish world citizens.
  • Is Woods delaying the announcement of no Masters in order to maintain more interest in his book?  Would he drag it out until Masters Monday when he would be seen hobbling around?  You know, frankly, if he wants to do that, more power to him.  In theory, Nick Faldo could play if he wanted, so I don’t know why the media hounds Woods like they do, in comparison to a Faldo who certainly could play.
  • Tour Confidential had a question today about Muirfield voting to accept women as members.  The responding reporters all blasted Muirfield, but I gotta be honest: I don’t see any big problem with a private club including or excluding whomever they want.  Basically, in today’s world, if a group is white men, it’s bad, bad, bad.   But all other groups are fine, and even noble and brave.  If people would calm their emotions and look at the matter rationally, they’d see the inanity.  But, alas, it’s all politics, isn’t it?  Should Miss America change its name to Person America and include men?  Women can play men’s pro events, but men can’t play women’s pro events.  Use logic, people.  Differences exist in the world, and they can’t logically be ignored.  Just live by the Golden Rule and stop looking for insult in every word and action.
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2 Responses to Monday Morning Madness

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    I see your viewpoint, and understand it, but I do like the change in format, and I think if you asked the players, they’d probably agree with me. That said, I definitely agree with the misstep in moving this event from February to it’s current spot on the schedule. Too many big events leading up to the first Major so you knew it was going to have a negative impact on events. Some skipped Arnie’s event and some have apparently chosen to skip this week’s match play to avoid to many consecutive events in a row going into The Masters. I haven’t looked at the field for Houston but one would think The Shell is the big winner out of this 3 week build up to Augusta.

    I too agree with the Muirfield situation. The single largest reason it has any pub at all is because it was/is in the British Open rota. If it was not in the rota, and a part of British Open history, no one would care.

  2. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    A thought occurred to me. Given that these are basically the top 64 in the entire world, I wonder how the “C” an “D” players feel about those labels. ???

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