Thursday Semi Live: Rory Passes Daly to Move into Top Ten

2:41 pm Update: Rory passes Daly, moves into top ten.  McIlroy looking at a very makeable birdie attempt now.

Did March Madness hype itself to death?  I just looked at TV listings for tonight and noticed the tourney has started.  Thirty years ago, the tournament was a big deal.  Office brackets were done out of love, organically, by the office sports nuts — not for profit by big corporations.  It’s become obligatory to “care” and “follow.”  No, thanks.  I’ll take any of the majors.  However, I should say, at least they have the knockout formula, not the lame-ass crap we get at the WGC Match Play the first three days.  Talk about doing something “for profit” and “big corporations.”

8:30 am Update: John Daly, the world’s most beloved golfer, currently sits atop the leaderboard in Orlando.  Looks like Rory will have his work cut out for him when he plays in the afternoon wave, because there’s at least one old dog that ain’t gonna roll over for him!

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2 Responses to Thursday Semi Live: Rory Passes Daly to Move into Top Ten

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    Doesn’t happen often but today had couldn’t stand the coverage and had to change the channel, couldn’t even have it on in the background it was so awful. As was predictable the Arnie conversation dominated and we even got to see damn near every shot from Sam Saunders

    One can only hope they hyped up the Arnie stuff today and will phase it out as we move along, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • lannyh says:

      Maybe today will be better, but you know they’ll start from square one again for the weekend NBC coverage on Saturday, then Sunday will be their grand finale.

      The straw that pushed me into turning it off was a long dissertation by Rich Lerner about — you guessed it — Tiger Woods. Of course, the fact that Rory couldn’t make a putt was the biggest factor. They said the course was playing hard, but Rory was around the pin nearly every hole I saw, just nothing would drop. He and Fowler are both +2 and still T58.

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