Thoughts on the Arnold Palmer Invitational

  • First of two consecutive events for Rory McIlroy.  Nice surprise for me.
  • Kudos to all the players who felt a responsibility to show up.  Frankly, I don’t see it that way, but I totally respect their… respect.  (It would have meant more to Arnold to have been there when he was still around to see it!)
  • The tribute aspect to this tournament has bumped up the Strength of Field nearly 100 points over last year.
  • This is one of the few remaining tournaments with a legit name.  The Arnold Palmer Invitational, not the Genesis or Valspar or the This Sign For Rent Classic.  Oddly, this tournament has been either the API or the Bay Hill Classic since 1996.  Before that?  The Nestle Invitational!  No kidding.  Maybe this new commissioner can pull that same trick and restore the Genesis to the L.A. Open.  The Dean & DeLuca Invitational to the Colonial Invitational.  And so on.
  • I’m interested in the tourney due to Mister McIlroy, but I wonder how watchable it will be on television.  The media goes overboard with their maudlin “tributes.”  I won’t name any names, but when some famous guy dies whose prime was 30 years ago, do we really need wall-to-wall coverage?  A simple 30-second “Music fans will be saddened to hear…” should be sufficient.  No need to hear pseudo-celebrities and news anchors bombard us with stories of how this or that artist meant so much to them during junior high.
  • How will the media describe Arnold’s effect on the growth of the game?  (Let me emphasize:  The “growth of the game” is the be-all-end all of life.)  The narrative — with some truth — was that Arnold made golf popular on television.  However, for the past twenty years, the media insisted golf was nothing prior to Woods.
  • I had no idea Rory was playing.  This brightens my mood considerably.  Earlier in the day, I was golfically down when I realized the Masters was still three weeks away, not the two I’d been thinking.  Here’s an idea…  Win it, Rory!
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4 Responses to Thoughts on the Arnold Palmer Invitational

  1. ThreeWiggleExpert says:

    You mentioned “first of two consecutive events for Rory”. Admittedly, I jumped the gun and thought, “why not three consecutive?”, but then looked it up and realized there is an event between the Match Play and The Shell in Houston. The Shell is pretty well known for it’s course setup being very similar to what players will find at Augusta so I assume Rory will be there, making it 3 out of 4 weeks we’ll see Rory leading up to Augusta.

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