Death of (Golf) Media, Part 9,999

So I’m reading a book review of the new Tiger Woods book about Augusta 1997.  Nothing great, but not horrible.  About what you’d expect from a corporate book review.  Overall, the reviewer seemed disappointed — which made me consider reading the book.  If he didn’t think much of it, I might like it.  (14.99 for the Kindle edition… I think I’ll pass.  9.99, and I would have bitten.)  [The reviewer quoted Woods criticizing the golf technology arms race; I wish Woods would take up that cause; if he wants to revive his image and leave a glowing legacy, nothing would be better than championing standard golf equipment.]

Anyhow, that’s all beside the point.  I just wanted to point out that in the margin of the book review was a link to another article, entitled “Why Tiger Woods’ Masters announcement really wasn’t all that surprising.”

My first thought was, Oh, I guess he officially withdrew from the Masters.  I have not been following golf much lately, so such a thing — to the degree that Woods not playing is still a thing — could easily have escaped my attention.

However, I’m as jaded as the next guy when it comes to the Internet, and that thought lasted only about three seconds.  Quickly, I thought, Ah, I bet it’s an old story they recycled to intentionally trick me into giving them an addition page view.  Bingo!  The article was three years old.

I have no synopsis here.  No South Park “What I Learned” speech.  I have no pie-in-the-sky suggestion on how things could be fixed.  I just felt the need to point out this glaring example of the total state of shite in which the (golf) media finds itself in 2017.

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