Campeonato de méxico viernes y sábado blog en semi vivo

4:20 pm Update: Here’s hoping Mickelson doesn’t play with Rory tomorrow.  He’s slowing down the group, destroying the sense of continuity conducive to a good round.  By the way, I wouldn’t take the word of an illegal inside stock trader about where he would take a stance.

Heckuva round by Jordan.

2:00 pm Update: Why are we seeing so much of Snedeker because he is -6 on the day, but no Spieth at all, who is also -6 on the day — in one fewer holes!

In Praise of Justin Ray:  I’ve been pretty merciless toward Justin Ray the past few years — and I will continue to be, I’m sure.  It’s not him; it’s what he represents: the world of “stupidstics.”  Not just in golf, but throughout all of sports.  I’ll skip that rant today and instead focus on his good-natured and instantaneous (less than a minute) reply just now on Twitter.  I was attempting a sarcastic barb at a double target:  Ray’s stupidstics and Finchem’s panicky PC actions (the theme of my prior entry here today).


Hats off for a quick and funny reply.  (Stablemate Brandel Chamblee, one can be sure, would have simply blocked my account…)

Food Poisoning Update:  At least two of the six players/caddies in Rory’s group today have suffered food poisoning while in Mexico City.  Not sure if the food poisoning ratio at Doral was higher or lower than 33 percent.

Sábado Sunrise:  So I watched yesterday’s coverage until conclusion, and Golf Channel went to studio coverage and Brandel Chamblee was on.  We have a dream tournament going on in an exciting new location and, in his first or second sentence, Chamblee mentions… Tiger Woods.

You look at Tiger Woods and you can tell he’s nearing the end.  Walks stiffly, often withdraws, shoots poor rounds, even sitting is uncomfortable.  With Chamblee, his own babbling words are the equivalent of Woods’s physical demise.  Time for both to retire.  (By the way, someone asked about Kelly Tilghman; I saw her the other day, so she’s still with GC.)

6:30 pm Update

2015 was the most exciting golf season since 1986, if not 1953, or perhaps even 1930.  2016 was a letdown, no doubt about it.  However, it looks like Rory might be looking to top his own superb 2014 and bring golf another 2015.  Or even better.  Augusta is going to be insane.  My prediction for Augusta?   That there won’t be a single azalea bloom on the property.  Even the late-blooming azalea bushes are already starting to blossom.

Rory left a couple of shots on the last two greens, but that’s golf.  Tomorrow President Trump’s Irish golf buddy will be grouped with famed inside trader Phil Mickelson.  Talk about Good vs Evil.  This could be one for the ages.

4:08 pm Update

Rory tied for lead!

3:20 pm Update

My first check-in of the day.  How will Rory and Jordan and Rickie be doing…?

Rory doing a-okay!  2-under after five.  Roberto Castro also -2 on the day.  Rickie -1 after four.  So far, so good.  Jordan -2 through nine.  Looking very good!  None of them worse then T-21.  Should be a great afternoon of golf viewing!


Golf Playoffs Are Dead:  A day or two ago, I saw Geoff Shackelford on Golf Channel discussing the FedEx Cup.  He and a couple of others shocked me by questioning whether it made any sense.  That got me to thinking…   Were they floating this “idea” for a reason?  I did a Google search and found this from 2012 in Sports Business Daily:

The PGA Tour today announced a five-year extension of FedEx’ sponsorship of the tour’s season-long points championship through ’17.

Let me check my calendar…  Yup, this is 2017.

Otherwise known as The Last Year of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

Rather than admit FedEx wanted out and the PGA Tour could not find a replacement sponsor, it’s being presented as if it were a bad idea all along.  Which, of course, it was, but none of these guys ever said that before.  In fact, the golf media propped up the idea constantly by showing us the “FedEx Cup Standings” when we cared only about the PGA Tour Money List or the OWGR.

I wish I could find a video of the Shackelford segment on Golf Channel, because it sounded like a point-by-point regurgitation of my 2014 piece, “With FedEx Cup, PGA Tour is Pounding Square Peg Into Round Hole.”  (Found it!  Here ya go.  I only get audio, for whatever reason.)

In football news:  Colin Kaepernick thinks because Donald Trump is doing such a great job there is no longer a need to kneel during the national anthem.  Either that or Kaepernick is a free agent looking for a job and, while black lives still matter to him, money matters more.

Special Note to Websites:  The war is over.  AdBlock won.

Sample Delusional Internet Idiot:My son took the ACT this year at the end of 8th grade. He took it at the end of 7th grade also, but he did not prep for it other than take a few of the practice tests in an old ACT prep book I purchased at a used book store.”  Okay, I think I get it: Outside of all the prep your son did, he didn’t prep.

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2 Responses to Campeonato de méxico viernes y sábado blog en semi vivo

  1. Kris says:

    I know Phil is a bad person, but he will be entertaining until the day he retires. I think this tournament has been a success so far. Doral had been reduced to garbage even before Trump got a hold of it. There hasn’t been a shot I’ve seen this week that led to me screaming “What?! That’s bullshit!” unlike the hundreds of stupidly bad breaks and water balls at Doral. Also, I’m in favor of more than one WGC being held outside of the US, regardless of the reason it was moved.

    As far as rampant illness is concerned, I remember a few years ago a stomach virus and the flu was going around the whole tour to the point that even announcers and interviewers were getting sick for at least 3 tournaments. I don’t believe Mexico is a festering pool of disease that should be abandoned because a few people got sick this week.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, let’s not candy-coat the world, eh? When the NFL played a game in Mexico City, they told the players not to leave their hotels for fear of crime, including kidnapping. And I heard yesterday on TV, “There’s a 24-hour flu going around among caddies.” That is polite-speak for a problem with food of some sort.”

      I’m not dumping on Mexico whatsoever, just keeping it real (in a joking manner). I don’t think you’ll find anyone in the U.S. who champions world golf to the degree I have. I generally pull for the European Ryder Cup team! I’ve live-blogged many events from the United Arab Emirates.

      But, let’s not lose touch with reality. Finchem moved the event as a political move championed by NBC. It was a knee-jerk reaction to Trump, we all know that. (The very same Trump NBC at one time loved enough to give him a long-running prime time television program.)

      Go back and read what I’ve written about Johnny Vegas. Go back and read what I’ve written about Esteban Toledo (whose book I read). Then go read what I’ve written about Lee Trevino. My love of Mexican golf players has a long history. However, when it comes to comparing Doral and Miami to this event in Mexico City, let’s dispense with the rose-colored glasses.

      By the way, the course seems to be a Firestone-style smash-‘n’-find course where driving accuracy plays very little into the outcome.

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