Geoff Shackelford Falsely Credits Corporate Golf Writer

While looking through Geoff Shackelford’s normally-decent website I was shocked and appalled to encounter the following:

Michael Bamberger writes the first of what figures to be many pieces lamenting this wound to the Florida swing’s heart.

Bamberger’s piece came out February 27.  My piece (“Brandel and Tim) on the topic came out February 23.  I’m not even claiming mine was the first — I have no idea — but it was clearly out well in advance of Bamberger’s.

What’s worse, Bamberger’s piece wasn’t even any good.  No passion.  Wishy-washy.  He completely avoided Tim Finchem, the anti-Donald Trump forces, and the pressures of political correctness that led to the disruption of the Florida Swing.

What good are corporate golf writers?  They are afraid of their own shadows.  Goal one is not to ruffle the feathers of any sponsor, player, or member of the golf establishment.  As a result, everything they produce is lukewarm and bland.

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