Chamblee Opens Mouth, Stupidity Ensues

Here’s a visual for you.  A giant mouse maze containing a dozen golf reporters.  They are all stacked up at a dead end, shouting in unison, “Keep going, keep going!”

Just stumbled across an article from Brandel Chamblee.  He’s dumping on Pat Perez:

What athlete isn’t playing to keep their name and “brand” relevant? The only reason Perez is playing golf is because he’s trying to be relevant and in being relevant he hopes to become massively rich.

No. Take Johnny Vegas or Kevin Na or Zach Johnson.  Or Pat Perez.  Or thousands of other pros.  They aren’t playing for their non-existent brand.  They aren’t playing to keep up multi-million dollar endorsement contracts.  They are playing for the millions of dollars in prize money.  I’m stating the obvious.  (Thought Experiment: Did Bill Haas get more money from winning the FedEx Cup or from ensuing sponsorship deals?  Billy Horschel?)

And in presuming to fathom what Tiger thinks, Perez says Woods knows he can’t beat anybody. Tiger won his first major by 12 shots and his 14th major with a broken tibia… Those events would have a corrupting immortality in Tiger’s mind…  he would still harbor thoughts of [winning].

Woods knows he can’t win.  He can’t even sit.  That he had great accomplishments a decade ago means nothing.  Jack won at age 46, but he knows he can’t beat today’s pros.  Ken Venturi won with heat stroke, but he still had to eventually retire.

Look, I get it that today’s golf media is really, really weak.  I understand they troll with Woods in an attempt to get people to react with comments, with the hopes that those comments will then attract return-volley comments.  But it’s not working.  I just saw an article from Kyle Porter at CBS with a troll headline along the lines of “Rickie Won Because of Tiger Woods.”  It had generated one comment.

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7 Responses to Chamblee Opens Mouth, Stupidity Ensues

  1. HennyB says:

    I might be a bit naïve but I’m still amazed Chamblee still has a job. He is a total moron in my opinion and doesn’t know a whole lot about anything. He tries to dazzle people with his ” trackman numbers” and “shaft lean data” but its all nonsense. I love when Duval calls him out. Ditto for Johnny Miller. He was commenting about Rickie’s “presence” and how he’s one of the most popular players on tour today, the crowd loves him, but he just doesn’t have the same presence Tiger has. Then he went on and on about how Rickie can’t close a tournament and finish like Tiger etc. etc. etc. I was so happy Rickie won that tournament. Granted he doesn’t have the tournament wins or majors that Rory and Jason Day have but they need to cut this guy a break. It wasn’t even 24 hours since his win and they were beating him up pretty bad on golf central. I was actually shocked. I would nothing more than if Rickie picked up a major this year and shut these guys up.

    • lannyh says:

      Well said. Adding to Brandel’s negatives, his personality is unpleasant (for lack of a better word). He seems completely devoid of a sense of humor. You know, there was a minor dustup between Chamblee and Duval on one of the broadcasts. I watched a YouTube of it. Basically, Duval said, after a disagreement and not at all in a buddy-buddy way, “I know you’re never wrong, Brandel, but…”

      The Rickie coverage was pretty awkward. Golf coverage is a mess, with the exception of Gannon, Sir Nick, Duval, and, I suppose, Nantz. Yes, I’ll include Nance. The other golf announcers and writers seem to think they are always making a Big Point. So they toss in the stats and comparison nonsense.

      About Rickie and a major, last year saw Stenson, DJ, and Jimmy Johnson get majors, which was nice. How about Rickie and Sergio this year? Maybe Luke Donald. I’ll be for Rory or Jordan (or Rickie, anyway, reall) if they are in the hunt, but, if not, I hope we see some more Best Players Never To Have Won a Major prevail.

      • lannyh says:

        I spelt Nantz right and wrong within five words. What a feat…

      • lannyh says:

        Oh, one other thing… I saw somewhere that Poulter is in danger of losing his card. Got a medical exemption and has four or five tournaments to make about 220K in order to stay on the tour. He’d be missed.

  2. HennyB says:

    To say Chamblee’s personality is unpleasant is an understatement. I really don’t understand the guy. He sits there as if he is the foremost authority on golf and everyone around him is a moron. Granted he did play on the PGA Tour but how can he honestly sit there and argue with guys like David Duval, Nick Faldo, and Frank Nobilo ( guys who have won major championships) about tough course conditions, what’s going on inside a players head, or how hard it is to win a major. Seriously what the heck does he know about any of those things? Oh and by the way he dresses like crap. I don’t know who’s picking out his shirt and tie but it never matches.

    I would like to see Garcia finally win a major also. When he arrived on the scene back in 99′ I thought he and Tiger were going to be the next Jack and Arnie slugging it out. Unfortunately it was not to be. I think after loosing the British Open and then the PGA back in 2008, it just destroyed him mentally.

    Last years majors were awesome! No doubt about it. I still cannot believe Spieth’s debacle on no. 12. Willett did shoot a good score but lets be honest he didn’t win the Masters, Spieth gave it to him. I’m looking forward 2017 and hopefully we will see some first timers again. DJ is on fire and is going to be right in the mix of things as he always is. I’m anxious to see how Rory performs after his injury. Do you by chance know how he injured his rib? I’m not sure if it was golf related or from lifting weights. I heard about Poulter, he has a bad ankle due to an arthritic condition. What’s going on with all these golfers? Their literally falling apart.

    • lannyh says:

      1.a. I think I heard Rory hurt his ribs from golf practice, but 1.b. If he hurt himself in the gym, that would very embarrassing to admit.

      2. My guess is that it’s “the gym” causing so many wounded golf pros. Gary Player stayed healthy and fit without going overboard with deadlifts or “supplements.”

      I hope Rory’s okay. He needs to pick up a major this year, as does Spieth. Couples had a bad back fairly early, but it was more a nuisance than anything debilitating, and Lee Trevino had some bacj issues — after being hit by lightning. That’s about all I recall, though I’m sure there were some others. I don’t remember injuries being anywhere near this frequent and common. I suppose one could posit that extreme working out is necessary to compete nowadays, but I find that hard to buy into.

      Guys like Craig Stadler and John Daly were hardly health food nuts/gym rats. Has Daly ever had any kind of serious injury?

  3. HennyB says:

    Daly has never been injured to my knowledge. Another thing than dawned on me was the type of shape hockey players used to be in back in the day. Now I’m talking about the 50’s, 60’s, and early 70’s. Guys like Bobby Hull and Gordie Howe were ripped as hell and it wasn’t from lifting weights. It was from doing manual labor on their farms. Phil Esposito of the Boston Bruins used to work in a mill to make ends meet during the off season and he was as strong as a bull. Its worth googling. You will be amazed at the arms on these guys. Look at the shape Arnold Palmer was in back in his prime. I cannot recall him ever talking about a workout regimen. I don’t have anything against working out and staying in shape but I do believe there is something to be said about deadlifting huge amounts of weight or trying to squat 500 pounds.

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