Rickie and Oscars and Cars, Oh My!

5:56 pm Update: Rickie wins and Danica would have (if not cheated out of it).  Manchester by the Sea going tonight.

5:15 pm Danica Out, Rickie Looking Good:  Some of these idiots need to be banned from racing.  No need to go four-wide at that point.  Danica had a real chance to win this thing.  Rickie has been willing the ball into the hole.  Best putter since Ben Crenshaw?  Rickie holed one when Jack was commentating.  Very nice, and funny, Jack making remarks about green guides while Rickie sinks a long one.  Symbolic?  Jack handing the baton to Rickie?

Very disappointed that Danica got knocked out by that idiot.  Totally unnecessary.

12:45 pm Update:  One hour until Rickie tees off.  The Daytona 500 begins 45 minutes after that.  Then the Oscars tonight.  Rickie, Danica, and Manchester by the Sea, yeah!  By the way, the fight last night was interesting.  Wilder didn’t look too great until — boom! — one punch ended it.

Sunrise:  What a day this promises to be.  Rickie Fowler looking to close out a victory at the Bear Trap, a little gathering on a Florida beach called Daytona, then a Hollywood party.  Oh, my!

You know about all that, but what you don’t know is who will prevail.  I’ll keep it short: Rickie, Danica, and Manchester by the Sea.

Remember Shane Ryan?  He wrote a popular book on the 2014 golf season.  I remembered him this morning and checked to see what he was up to.  A bit of a surprise.  He apparently stopped writing about golf last September and has devoted himself to partisan left-wing politics.  In a very strident way.  Think Rachel Maddow.  Ryan did recently have a brush with golf content when he tweeted about Rory and Trump, whining that Rory was “normalizing” Trump by playing a round with him.  (We’re all supposed to pretend Trump is Hitler, doncha know.  To do otherwise is to “normalize” him.)  Ryan said Rory was ignorant of the fact that we are in a “take a stand” moment.  From golf writer to melodramatic teenager.

Everyone is so shrill and illogical nowadays.  It’s disheartening.  Ryan is not a dumb guy.  I guess he sees a career path in strident political partisan whining.  Me, I’d become an accountant or mechanic.

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2 Responses to Rickie and Oscars and Cars, Oh My!

  1. Kris says:

    Congratulations to Rickie Fowler for winning and getting back into the top 10 in the world. Congrats also to Kurt Busch for winning the Daytona 500. He’s drives for one of the top teams in the sport and Danica Patrick is one of his teammates. During Danica’s tenure her teammates have won several races and a championship while she’s eked out a couple top 10s. If she wasn’t a token female she would have lost her ride by now.

    Since this is a golf site, I’ll say I’m looking forward to seeing the new WGC Cadillac course next week. The move to Mexico means half of the WGCs are now held outside the US. It’s a shame Jason Day has withdrawn with the flu and a double ear infection. It’s the 6th time in year he’s withdrawn due to illness. I’m not sure how many times he’s withdrawn due to injury in the same time frame. It’s incredibly odd that someone so young is so fragile and sickly.

    • lannyh says:

      Danica was in second place; next thing I saw one of the insecure men wrecked her and half a dozen others.

      Finchem seems to blow everything. He upended the WGC Match Play to attract Woods and Mickelson. (In fairness to Woods, he wasn’t being a drama queen like Mickelson. Woods skipped for injuries, not to be a prima donna.) Woods has been hurt, and Mickelson missed the first one due to his FBI probe. Now nobody cares if either of them plays or not. Oh, not only did he change the location for the inside trader Mickelson, but he changed the format. Now the first day excitement is gone. Oh, let’s not forget he changed the date, too, so now it’s just a Masters warm-up event.

      Then Finchem moved the WGC Doral to Mexico to attack/insult Candidate Trump — who is now President Trump, our first Golf President. There was a time when the only overtly biased television news outlet was Fox News. Now we have nothing but overtly biased television news.

      Oh, well, Rickie’s win is another step on the journey to repair Finchem’s damage.

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