Penultimate Pairing Semi Live Blog

[Note: While waiting for tomorrow’s fourth round, there’s some great, and unusual, sports action on television tonight.  Fox will have a live heavyweight title fight at 8pm.  Yes, you heard that right.  A live heavyweight title fight on regular broadcast TV.  And, no, this isn’t 1964.  Also, tonight, if you have NBC Sports Network, you can watch the Tokyo marathon at 7pm.  Lanny H Golf: Your one-stop shop for sports information.]

5:55 pm Update

Nice day by Grillo to put himself in the hunt.  Kaymer, too, but both are six back of Rickie, so they’ll need some help.  Clinical performance by Rickie today.  He’s got four shots over Hatton in second (of whom I know nothing), and six over a gaggle in third.  If he plays as solidly tomorrow as he did today, he’ll have another trophy to shine.

Brutal day for Anirban, and even worse for the two third-round leaders.  A few days ago, I asked if Rickie Fowler could save this tournament?  He answered!

By the way, new readers will want to check out my article about Rickie and his hometown driving range.  I still consider it my best.  (CBS did a documentary on Rickie and that range six months later.  It was great, as I detailed in my review at the time.  Do I deserve some credit for the idea?  Who knows.  By the way, you can now watch the Fowler segment of that documentary on YouTube at this link.  775 thumbs up to 4 thumbs down.  Not too shabby.  Go make it 776.)

Oh, one other thing:  The state NBC put up about Justin Thomas vs Rickie Fowler in yards per pound was great.  Funny how Thomas has been much discussed for his yards per pound prowess, while with Rickie, it was more just the occasional, “He hits it a long way, and he’s not that big.”  I guess the golf media was too obsessed defining Fowler by action sports and the color orange.  (Not that Rickie didn’t aid and abet on the latter!)

4:00 pm Update

Rickie stretches lead to two.  Lahiri losing ground, all the way back to T-9, five back of Mister Fowler.

2:30 pm Update

Lahiri recovers from the opening bogey very nicely with an eagle on No. 3.  Fowler also 1-under on the day through three holes and is now only one shot back of the leader.  If Lahiri prevails tomorrow, I’ll have to “interview” via Twitter that stats guy.  J-something, I believe.  I’m drawing a blank.  Oh, well, I’ll gladly look it up if needed.

Kaymer playing well and in contention.  He kind of quietly slipped down to OWGR #50 and has been treading water there for a year or so.  Maybe he can have a good finish and climb a bit; he’s a good guy, a good ambassador for golf.

Tee Off:  Coverage has begun on Golf Channel.  Rickie and Anirban tee off in forty minutes.  No 30-minute switchover intermission today.  Straight from GC to NBC.  Lots of low and high scores on the board today, meaning there is a whole lot of golf yet to be played.

Morning:  Here’s hoping this weekend’s winner comes from today’s next-to-last pairing, Anirban Lahiri and Rickie Fowler.  Two longtime favorites of this website, a win by Lahiri would be especially meaningful in light of the hate crime recently committed by the piece of white trash in Kansas.

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2 Responses to Penultimate Pairing Semi Live Blog

  1. BeerMe Fife says:

    You mean Jake Nichols, but he went inactive.

    • lannyh says:

      Ah, yeah, jalnichols! He’s a good guy. I hate to hear he stopped. I gave him grief over his Sneds vs “Eurotrash Six” article. It was good-natured, though, and he would always respond to any questions I posed to him. He did real (and original) research and analysis.

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