Rickie Roars (to top of leaderboard)

Can Rickie Fowler save this week’s event?  Fowler doesn’t get half the attention he deserves.  That’s not a joke.  He went from over-rated to under-rated in two short years (thanks, in large part, to my “tough love” open letter to him).

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6 Responses to Rickie Roars (to top of leaderboard)

  1. nolanwiffle says:

    Maybe he doesn’t get the proper amount of attention because you’ve never created a graph showing how he compares to Tiger in majors won at the similar stages in their careers. You did that for Rory. What gives?

  2. nolanwiffle says:

    I put together a few charts for the purpose of comparing the majors won by Rickie Fowler, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods. The first one focuses on the majors won during the players’ early 20s. If Rickie wins one or more of the next three events, he will be ahead of Jack’s pace. If Rickie wins one or more of the next six events, he will be ahead of Woods’ pace:

    Majors Won in Early 20s

    Here’s a chart showing the majors won thus far by Rickie and Woods, and Jack through age 40 (he won another at age 46, as I’m sure everyone already knows). Click on the graph to get a larger view:

    • lannyh says:

      I guess I miss the point. Was that meant as humor? I couldn’t wade through it. Put it on your website in a coherent fashion and I’ll give it a look.

      • nolanwiffle says:

        Actually, it’s a cut-and-paste from this very site. Like you, no one else found it the least bit informative or humorous either.

      • lannyh says:

        No idea what you are babbling about, but I’m sure such insight will make your website VERY successful.

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