Brandel and Tim

Brandel Chamblee informs the world that the winners on the West Coast Swing this year were young due to…  Tiger Woods.

We live in a world where people come up with the most nonsensical narratives about any and everything and and try to pass them off as valid analysis.  Last year, Hideki Matsuyama was the only young winner, the others all being 35-39.  In other words, not only were they not young, they were old.  If Chamblee had done even the slightest of research, he would have seen the ridiculousness of his contention.

Chamblee is just going through the motions at this point.  Golf Channel should involve David Duval and Justin Leonard more.  Like Tiger Woods, Chamblee is falling apart.  Maybe because of Tiger Woods, eh?

Tim Finchem “taught a lesson” to fringe presidential candidate President Donald Trump by moving the WGC Doral event to… Mexico.  In the unintended consequences department, the strength of field of this week’s Honda Classic in Florida has been slashed.  Down roughly 100 points, losing about 25 percent of its SOF.  Players are choosing to take the week off, then travel to Mexico, and only THEN head to Florida.  Well, that’s assuming they plan to play the mighty Valspar.  With the passing of Arnold Palmer, maybe the final Florida will bring a strong field out of respect, but who knows, as the WGC Match Play is in Austin the following week.  (Am I the only one who misses the Match Play excitement of those Arizona Februaries?  I thought it was the best event of the year.  I really did.  Now it is basically a Masters warm-up event.) Finchem moved the crown jewel of the Florida Swing to Mexico, diminishing the other events as collateral damage.  All because it was politically correct to bash Trump.

Not only did Finchem cost the Florida economy the revenue lost by moving the WGC-Doral to Mexico, but he lessened the appeal of the other events on the Florida Swing to players, and therefore fans.

Tim, you are not missed.

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