Rory and Golf’s First President

As you know by now, Rory McIlroy played 18 holes of golf with President Trump this past weekend.

I pay attention to Rory McIlroy, him being my favorite golfer*, so I saw a bit of oddness in this outing.  Why?  Because in the past, Rory had seemed to “go with the flow” and take a few mild shots at Trump.  I say go with the flow because, as American citizens well know, the media (with a very few exceptions, those proving the rule…) will attack anyone who shows any support for Trump whatsoever.  So Rory makes a joke about jumping the wall and tsks-tsks the debate rhetoric.  Nothing big, but it keeps the media from turning on him.  (I should say this:  I’m honestly shocked at how the GOLF media has fallen into line with the news media.  Why?  Do they have no autonomy?  Are they afraid to go against the megacorps for which they work — or aspire to work?)

The point is, most people say things all the time just to answer a question.  They don’t necessarily believe them, and certainly they don’t feel strongly about them.  How many times have you seen political opponents who viciously attack each other smile for the cameras and announce they are “good friends”?  How often have star athletes and coaches “buried the hatchet,” only to later — when player is on another team — launch into a tirade about how horrible the other person was.

Anyway, it’s pretty sad that we’ve reached a point where when a well-known person spends time with President Trump, the media, including the golf media seeks to make the person an outcast.  Shows just how brainless are the political types.  Soon Rory will be Mussolini to Trump’s Hitler.  Probably that comparison has already been made.  (Hey, perhaps I’ll do a satirical article based on that.)

Maybe Michael Bamberger can ask Rory about Trump in a future e-mail exchange.

* “Look, I have a soft spot in my heart for Rory.  I really connect to how he came from such humble beginnings.  All things being equal, I prefer him over Jordan Spieth.”   Rory, Quail Hollow, Semi Live (May 7, 2016)


Great article from the Irish Independent on Rory’s round with Trump — and the media’s shrill reaction.

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