L.A. Open Friday Semi Soaked Blog

4:00 pm Update

Jordan finishes 16 holes.  I jinxed him, I guess.  They might have let the players keep going, but a tree fell down.  Hard to ignore that, as continuation would have brought some huge liability issues into play.  I have to admit, though, I was thinking, Come on, let them play!

Rain turning to showers near daybreak tomorrow morning.  I’ll forego a prediction, as I was pretty far off today.  I don’t know if the course drains well or not.  I suppose if they could get the other half finished tomorrow, they might play 36 on Sunday.  That would be pretty darn sweet!

3:00 pm Update

I’ve been out of pocket most of the day.  I had written off golf viewing until, with luck, tomorrow.  I return and find Jordan not only started his second round, but has only four more holes to go!  He’s -2 on the day and T8.  If he can post a score and get out of the rain, he’ll be sitting pretty.  Although, there’s always the chance the other wave will not be able to play until the storm passes completely — and will be able to throw darts at soggy greens in good conditions.

As I type, Jordan makes a birdie!  He got a very good bounce/rebound/roll on a par-3 and took advantage by making the putt.  Surely it was luck, but we’ll find out after the round I’m sure.  He’s sitting T4.  If he can get in the house at -5, he should in the thick of it after the cut.

The verdict: Luck.   A replay showed Jordan saying, “Don’t go there, don’t go there.”

11:oo am Update

Well, they are on the course.  I wouldn’t have guessed that.  Jordan got his two-putt par and also parred No. 18, so he sits T33 with a few players having started their second rounds.  He tees off shortly himself.  I turned on Golf Channel to get the latest on the weather, and they were discussing… Tiger Woods.  No kidding.  I don’t know what the latest is, but the radar shows a real soaker about to arrive, so Jordan’s warm-up might end of being nothing more than a practice session.   The radar shows the worst just a hair to the north, but evidently the forecasters are certain it is drifting to the south.


Rainy Days and Fridays  It won’t be daylight in Los Angeles for three or four more hours, and it will likely be raining by then.  Right now, it’s dry, the weather being to the north and east of L.A.  Riviera expecting close to four inches, so I doubt we see any golf action whatsoever today.  With rain in the forecast for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, it’s very likely we’ll have a 54-hole event this week.

Young Mister Spieth  Jordan finished 16-1/2 holes in 2-under and sits T30. He faces a 55-foot birdie putt when he returns to the course.

Flower Power  Azaleas are blooming early in my yard once again.  I first noticed them around the 7th or 8th.  Every year for the past three or four, I have commented about early blooming potentially throwing off Augusta’s Masters Week botany.

Reed Reminder  Here’s what Patrick Reed said, and it still doesn’t strike me as outrageous:

“I’ve worked so hard, I’ve won a lot in my junior career, did great things in (my) amateur career, was 6-0 in match play in NCAAs, won NCAAs two years in a row, got third individually one year, and now I have three wins out here on the PGA Tour.

“I just don’t see a lot of guys that have done that, besides Tiger Woods, of course, and, you know, the other legends of the game. It’s just one of those things, I believe in myself and – especially with how hard I’ve worked – I’m one of the top five players in the world.

I looked it up and Reed got to OWGR #7 near the end of last year after a T51(!) at the CIMB Classic.  Stating the obvious, the media is always looking to stir “outrage.”  Donald Trump and Patrick Reed well know this.

Worth Reading, or The Viciousness of Phil Mickelson  Jason Sobel has a decent article on the bogus comparisons re longevity between Woods and Mickelson.  Mickelson’s comment at the very end…  very cold-blooded!  Almost mean-spirited in its bluntness, but he was just telling it like it is.  Woods career was front-loaded, and the media projected that forward to age 46.  Sobel didn’t make it a focus of the article, I could not help but recall all the claims that Woods would win in his “old age” at a higher rate than Vijay or some of the other late bloomers.

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10 Responses to L.A. Open Friday Semi Soaked Blog

  1. the amazing sports-realist says:

    The media is one disgusting monkey….they will literally cover up/gloss over murder(alot of politicians and celebrities), pedophilia(pizzagate), and yes steroids/cheaters(tiger woods, barry bonds, Tiger Woods again, and on and on and on and on)……

    MOST media is RIGGED, INSANE, and a TRAITOR to democracy…

    Reed should treat the media like Trump does and tell them to POUND SALT….I’m a very competitive guy, and would LOVE to challenge the media…The media is SCUM today, there is no reason to pretend otherwise.

    • lannyh says:

      Pizzagate WAS a hoax. Let’s keep it real. This is Lanny H Golf, the home of truth, not some right wing circle jerk political website.

      • the amazing sports-realist says:

        Not sure why you feel it’s a hoax, there is plenty of evidence, both financially and physically to show there is validity to it. Why would they list a pizza owner to be the 50th most powerful man in Washington DC, why would he be getting donations in LARGE amounts by politicians if there wasn’t more to it than just buying pizza.
        PLUS both sides have been implicated…….Pedophilia is NOT a hoax, and ALOT of politicians on both sides have been convicted…..It’s not a hoax at all….Just another attempted cover by the media.

      • lannyh says:

        You create a narrative you badly wish to believe — and magically call it fact. The entire thing was based on some “code words” in emails.

        Do you also believe Trump is a secret Russian? Was Obama born in Kenya? Was 9/11 an inside job?

        People whose entire lives revolve around their red and blue political parties make Tiger Woods, in comparison, truly look like Gandhi.

        Sorry for being so blunt, but we don’t lack for bluntness here. I can’t tolerate idiocy in golf writers and commenters, nor can I tolerate idiocy in political (or any other type) writers and commenters.

      • the amazing sports-realist says:

        Pedophilia is a HUGE problem in this country, and to pretend that perverted politicians aren’t involved in doing this type of thing, is burying your head in the sand…..We know that homosexuality is there on both sides of the political spectrum from Obama, Hillary and BIll Clinton, Barney Frank, and Dennis Hastert, just to name a few…….

        Remember BARNEY FRANK? Open homo who was caught running a prostitution service out of his basement????? I mean cmon, Perhaps not ALL the details are correct in Pizzagate, as it is CURRENTLY known, but let’s quit pretending that it’s not happening.

      • lannyh says:

        It’s a huge problem, therefore a bogus story must be true. Yeah, that’s brilliant analysis.

        Seriously, dude, take that bullshit to a right wing circle jerk website. You sound like a left winger trying to make real complaints seem bogus by making bizarre claims. Take that shit to Daily Caller or Huffington Post. Lanny H Golf expects a certain minimum of intelligence.

    • the amazing sports-realist says:

      Front loaded careers aren’t uncommon in MOST sports……It is interesting that Phil Mickelson seems to have gotten STRONGER and BETTER at 46, while Eldrick has faded and gotten physically WEAKER and WORSE at 41…..This is why STEROIDS/PEDS had to play SOME role in his success…41 is NOT old, even by PGA standards, and with ALL the healthcare, trainers, nutritionists, available to him, it’s somewhat BIZARRE that he is as FRAGILE as he seems…
      Most will FORGET that Eldrick’s short game, which has little to do with strength, power, back spasms, has gotten VERY average, by PGA tour standards, while PHIL’s short game seems to be STEADY……

  2. the amazing sports-realist says:

    this doesn’t sound like lanny, I’ve been commenting for years so I doubt you are really lanny…if you are, then you’ve changed….The fact this website got hacked before, doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen again….. you keep saying the ‘right wing circle jerk’, which sounds like the SAME dude who compromised this website earlier…..What is your REAL name dude?

    But I’ll gladly debate the DETAILS…But you certainly don’t sound like Lanny….

    JUST like the golf/national media ran scared from the TIGER/PED scandal to PROTECT their product, so is the national media running from this pedophila scandal.

    • Kris says:

      I may be talking out of turn here, but he’s definitely acting and talking like the Lanny I remember. My personal theory is the whole hacked business was a failed attempt at having a character take over the blog like he’s done in the past when he got bored with normal posts. “Lanny Jr” was such a roiling douche bag he ran off long-time commenters and that’s why he claimed to have been hacked and deleted everything.

      He made an off-hand comment saying sports and political media overreact to everything, and you ran with it talking about an irrelevant debunked conspiracy theory. I think it’s completely within his expected character to shut down discussion on that matter. It’s pretty obvious you’re both still on the same side politically, he’s just less extreme and always has been.

      • the amazing sports-realist says:

        To say it’s a ‘hoax’ buys into the msm(mainstream media’s) attempt at removing or discrediting the story….There are certain facts that are not able to simply be removed or dismissed…..Like the Kennedy assassination, EVERY detail may not be accurate in the Warren Report, however, the GIST of the report has stood the test of time….
        Again since this involves BOTH sides of the party spectrum, I don’t see an extreme stance argument here…This is about bringing down a bunch of perverts….No different than in the Balco investigation, or that LIST of players who were said to have takent steroids/peds……Didn’t matter what TEAM they played for, they just need to be removed from government so they aren’t ruining the lives of young kids….
        If that makes me EXTREME, then sign me up. If you want to trust WIKI and MSM, then Lanny is an idiot.

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