L.A. Open Thursday Semi Live Blog

6:00 pm Update

They just ended coverage.  Incredible.  Jordan is only on hole #6.  Very disappointing.  It’s only 3 pm in L.A., and no golf likely until noonish on Saturday.

Five inches of rain coming tomorrow.  This may end up a 54-hole event.  They might (or might not) be able to play until noon tomorrow, but no later.  I’m guessing it’s lift-clean-place all day, if they tee off at all.  L.A. has such great weather, it’s a shame it’s going to be bad this week.

Duval in the booth today.  He’s good.

2:30 pm Update

Live coverage has begun.  A delay seems to have pushed Spieth back an hour.  I believe Young Jordan strikes his first tee shot two hours hence.  Can’t wait to see this man who won as a teenager go after Riviera.

The other day I saw somewhere a sports writer choosing Rory, Jordan, and DJ as the only golfers that generated max attention/enthusiasm.  I say leave it at Rory and Jordan.  There are many golfers more captivating than DJ, if you ask me.  I don’t dislike DJ, but “just another good golfer.”  I think Matsuyami is more interesting.  If you want an American, try Rickie Fowler.  Even Reed, who may be a bit anti-hero.  (BTW, Reed’s OWGR #10.  Not sure if that’s his all-time high, but ten isn’t far out of top five.  Remember all the grief he took for that comment a couple of years ago?)

8:30 am Update

“Woods has competed in 23 full-field events (and by “full-field,” we’re dismissing appearances at his own 18-player Hero World Challenge but including World Golf Championship events). He has withdrawn from four midstream and missed the cut seven times, meaning he hasn’t reached the weekend nearly half the times he has teed it up.”

That’s from an article today in the Washington Post by Barry Svrluga.  Obviously, the WGC events have no cut, so “half the times” is pretty useless.  Very sloppy.  I’m not judging the entire article; I’m just saying this is sloppy; readers shouldn’t have to do the legwork he already did.


Eight of the top ten players in the world are teeing it up today.  (Rory and Stenson are missing.)

Big Story:  Jordan Spieth is going for a career Shotmaker Slam or, if you prefer, the Alley Slam.  Both Colonial and Riviera are referred to as Hogan’s Alley, and Jordan won Colonial last year.  (Media darling Tiger Woods won neither, so don’t expect NBC Golf Channel to mention the Alley Slam.)

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2 Responses to L.A. Open Thursday Semi Live Blog

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    I remember thinking when DD came on to The Golf Channel that he was very good. Glad to see him getting some action on tournament coverage.

    I might be wrong, but I feel like Reed got up to 7 or 8 in the OWGR at one point. I think the backlash at the time of his top 5 pronouncement had more to do with him not having accomplished enough at that point to warrant the top 5 label but he has obviously shown, since then, that he has that kind of ability.

    • Kris says:

      I agree completely about Patrick Reed. I thought he was a cocky punk that had a lot of growing up to do. Then life knocked him around a little bit. His game faltered and he had to save his wife’s life. He gained some perspective and a sense of humor and earned his place in the top 10 in the world. I really like him a lot now.

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