Tiger Woods Appreciation Day

Because Tiger Woods doesn’t get enough attention, we thought we’d make him our focus today.

  • Tiger Woods will be skipping his press conference today because of back spasms.  It’s nothing to worry about because, as we all know, it is “not the nerve pain that’s kept him out for so long.”
  • Golf Channel will be showing two Tiger Woods British Open wins this morning.  At 11:00 am, they will show the Rock Ishii Ball tourney, where Woods played with a distance ball unavailable to other players.  This was the heart of Woods’s “dominant” phase.  Woods his NO bunkers then entire week.  (I never hit landing area bunkers when I hit from the women’s tees.)  The tournament is widely acknowledged to be golf’s version of Son of Flubber.
  • Tiger Woods amazingly played in a pro tourney at age 16!  He missed the cut badly, finishing better than just a handful of players, but just playing was an incredible accomplishment.  (Jordan Spieth also played in his first PGA Tour tournament at age 16.  He could only manage to make the cut and finish T16.)
  • Woods won a PGA Tour event at age 20!  (Jordan Spieth, on the other hand, didn’t manage that feat until he was 19.)
  • Tiger Woods won his first full-field major at the age of 23!  (Jordan Spieth couldn’t manage at until age 20.)
  • Tiger Woods won his second major at age 23!  (Jordan Spieth couldn’t manage that until age 20.)

Parting Shots:

  • Why can’t Woods do a press conference using Skype?
  • Are there any writers other than Lanny H who respect and support the President of the United States of America?
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3 Responses to Tiger Woods Appreciation Day

  1. Kris says:

    I seriously thought you were joking about Tiger. How bad of shape do you have to be in to cancel a *press conference* due to back spasms? That’s pitiful. Hopefully Golf Channel playing his British Open wins is the beginning of them eulogizing his career.

    • lannyh says:

      I guess it’s because we live in such a “star” culture. We have stars who have no reason to be a star. But if their names are mentioned often enough, everyone feels compelled to keep up with “the latest.” Woods isn’t as bad as Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian — at least he once had a claim to fame — but at this point, it’s just gotten embarrassing. It’s been embarrassing for, at least, two or three years.

      And the media is downplaying Spieth in order prop up Woods. Just like they denigrated Jack’s performance. When Woods missed a cut or two, they trotted out a percent for how many cuts Jack missed — counting all his ceremonial years. Notice we haven’t been hearing about Jack’s cuts since Woods is now “ahead of Jack’s pace” on cuts and WD’s. For Jordan to finish T16 in his first pro event when he was 16 is mindblowing. I think Woods played six or eight events over three years before he ever even made a cut.

      Oh, well, I better save it for my Just Go Away article.

  2. nolanwiffle says:

    There was a time not so long ago when your “son” had a picture of Woods in his cubicle at work. What transgression will befall young Spieth, and thus earn your scorn?

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